Trine PSN Exclusive Screenshots & Info

New screenshots for Trine, a PS3/PC physics-based action game where three characters solve challenges and puzzles, and defeat threatening enemies

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thereapersson3550d ago

I feel it will further cement the PSN's reputation for bringing quality software in a neat downloadable package. It's nice there's no file size restriction, so developers are free to make their games as large as they want.

ironmonkey3550d ago

things just get better for this console:)

thereapersson3550d ago

" There had been talk of the PS3 being difficult to develop for. Have you found this to be the case, and if so, how have you gotten over these hurdles? Has Sony been easy to deal with and helpful?

Lauri: Coming from a PC background and with the Shadowgrounds titles under our belt, we had feared that the PS3 might be a tough platform. But it was relatively easy after all! I don't know if our programmers are some sort of supermen or what (actually, I know they are!). They got the game running so that it could be played in about a month and now it's running real smooth. Of course there still remains a lot of work to be done but all the major technical issues have been solved.

Sony has been awesome with all the feedback and support. Their comments have been very constructive and we have actually improved the game with their help, which is really cool. We can't wait to have Trine published on PSN."

iHEARTboobs3550d ago

for this game and Fat Princess and i'm good to go.