Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Released Today

The lovable and always lecherous Larry is back in his latest, innuendo-filled adventure as Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust launches into stores today for Xbox 360 and PC with a S.R.P. of £19.99 on the Funsta label.

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NegativeCreep4273546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Are "Hot Coffee" services going to be made available for the patrons' who purchase this game???

If so, give me a sporty, sleazy brunette!

Ryuk3546d ago

More like somebody threw hot coffee on that ugly mug of yours Lmao! This game sucks

NegativeCreep4273546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

With such a egregiously-lame comment like that, you better go back to making California Rolls for a living, buddy.

Speaking of sucking, Your name "Ryuk" sounds like the noise one would make if you tried to swallow a 5-ib bucket of bucacky all at once. Is that how you came up with that screen name? Is that your nick-name at school or what??? Ryuk Sucks...Often!

Edit: Oh sure. you are the Death God, just make sure not to piss your mom off by staying up after 10 on weeknights! Little B*tch with a wild mind.

Ryuk3546d ago

Lolz Ryuk is the "Death god" from "DEATH NOTE", is that clear? But cheer up Creep427, you should be happy. Your like male version of this game on a street corner... for £19.99 you can get the ultimate package of suckage lolz. So its a win-win for you >:P

ps: make sure to use protection lmao

Cheeseknight283546d ago

Wasn't this just announced last month?

T-What3546d ago

no it was announced last year, but do to Activisions take over of Sierra it was dropped but Codemasters picked up the publishing rights this February.

Blink - if it sucked so bad why would Codemasters pick up the rights to it, why don't you play it before you open you mouth.