European PlayStation Store Gets Wrong UT3 Titan Pack

Delays, cancellations and wrong uploads. Will they ever get the Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack in Europe?

SCEE seems to have made yet another blunder in the Titan pack fiasco.

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Vip3r3546d ago

I downloaded some of it last night but now I'm glad I didn't let it finish.

My god SCEE, deplaying content is bad enough, net getting content is worse but for it to be the wrong file is just lolful.

smokeybeef3546d ago

It's a sad state of affairs isn't it.

I wasted a good 500mb of bandwidth last night, damn you SCEE!

Hopefully they can just patch the patch with a nice 1mb download and not need to redownload the whole thing.

Dark_Overlord3546d ago

they sent Sony the wrong update

This is the explanation from Epic