Microsoft's GDC 09 Exclusives? One of the following may happen, but which is it?


"So GDC's brought a couple of surprises so far. A new Zelda for the DS, third party motion controls for 360, a new Ratchet & Clank for our PS3 comrades, and the entry of Warner Bros to the fray that may well have had fanboys disorientated and asking "Errr… what's up doc?"

But where's the goods from Microsoft? Some would lead you to believe that Microsoft has announced its full line up just like they had this time last year… oh yeah, that's the problem…

Compounding this is Microsoft's stated decision to hold back holiday releases further than last year and to extend the scope of announcements into the first quarter of 2009.

And whilst we're sure most titles will be held until E3, there are ten titles that we reckon have a shot at being showcased at GDC. Which one will it be?"

List and poll after the jump:

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KionicWarlord2223550d ago

microsoft said they were announcing to new games in q1 . where are they? this is very werird....

Mr_Bun3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I am guessing that they are saving it all for E3....if I am right, then that means that they don't have very much to show at E3 since they couldn't afford to show anything at GDC.

Not looking too promising for 360 owners.

UltimateIdiot9113550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

E3 falls in Q2 though.

Wow, I get a disagree for saying E3 is in Q2.

JeffGUNZ3550d ago

Isn't it only March? I didn't expect anything GREAT to come out of GDC, E3 is where the biggest announcments come. If people think Microsoft has NOTHING this year, then you're just pathetic. Every year so far, Microsoft shines in E3, so why don't we wait till then? Microsoft is pumped for E3, they were the first to sign up a booth/spot.

Let's wait till E3, then we all can start talking about game lineups for the 2009 year.

Mr_Bun3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

You are right about the 2nd quarter, but they have held off on new announcements before...remember Bungie getting bumped from E3 last year?


@ above

Someone sure is getting defensive....What new games did Microsoft announce at last year's E3 that came out last year?

ceedubya93550d ago

360 owners will be fine. There are more games to play besides first party exclusives. 3rd party games do STILL matter. I'd understand if there were no games coming to the console at all.

Trollimite3550d ago

i seriously feel bad for 360 owners. im not joking

its getting worse and worse everyday.

im going to get bubble raped but i dont care. M$ is fuucking up

Mr_Bun3550d ago

I am not saying anything about 1st/3rd party...or even exclusives for that matter...When MS announced FFXIII coming to the XBox, 360 fans were happy....Silence is unbecoming of MS

Leio3550d ago

Lol just sold my 2 years old 360 do it guys when the price is still high..

green3550d ago

I will lie if i say that i am not disappointed.Last year they announced Gears 2,showed off Fable 2 and the hellish level of NG2.This years GDC, absolutely nothing.

ceedubya93550d ago

Well, they were pretty quiet around this time last year too. If it hadn't been for the Gears 2 annoucement....Actually, Gears 2 is the only thing I remember from Microsoft at last year's GDC, lol. Oh well, I guess we'll see how things turn out. Still a lot of year left. Microsoft will either show up this year or they won't.

Mr_Bun3550d ago

You have to admit...Gears2 was a pretty big announcement...they really didn't need anything else

ZuperAmazingCooKie3550d ago

I doubt they will simply let their fanbase out in the cold. It's likely that exclusives for 360 will start popping out close to E3, that's how Microsoft works.

I wouldn't be very surprised if Alan Wake, Halo: ODST, a Rare game and Halo Chronicles hit the 360 in december, along with Bioshock 2 as a timed exclusive. I would have said Mass Effect 2 but I think devs have already confirmed a 2010 release.

ceedubya93550d ago

Which is probably why I don't remember anything else from them at last year's GDC. I know there had to be something else, but I just can't remember, and don't feel the need to research it right now. lol.

But you're right, Gears 2 was big enough to overshadow anything else Microsoft had at the moment.

Bnet3433550d ago

lol all I have to say is if Microsoft doesn't bring anything new at E3, N4G is going to blow up.

Why o why3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

MS may announce a multiplat MGS title to be released in 2012 and some 360 guys would say 'MS won E3', kinda sounds like deja vu ¬_¬. To me it would just be MS papering over the cracks again. Truth be told we all want more exclusives, fanboys and the hardcore gamers even more so, so for some to be acting like they're not concerned is a lie or an extreme display of nativity at best.

Kudos to Green above for being honest You get +1

Bnet3433550d ago

Yeah, you are right, Microsoft does bring out megaton announcements like to no other. I remember E3 2006 with Peter Moore and the GTAIV tattoo and FFXIII on 360 E3 2008. I don't know man, they better announce something of epic proportion or they will be dogged for the whole year.

- Ghost of Sparta -3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

They didn't announce anything but Sony did announce the next Ratchet & Clank for PS3 and Hideo Kojima hinted at a new Metal Gear. As far as Microsoft goes, E3 will be their last chance. Pretty disappointing lol.

crck3550d ago

Hardly anything announced at E3 comes out the same year. So unless MS changes that tradition it looks pretty barren from the exclusives side of things for the 360 this year.

green3550d ago

Well, this years E3 is taking place in 2 months (June 2nd - June 4th), so we won't have to wait long to find out.Nut it would not have hurt to at least show a teaser of any exclusive (forza 3,halo odst,alan wake. rare project).ANything basically would not have hurt because even if they have games to announce at E3, there is no way that we will see any of them before september, in other words, they will have no in house exclusives this summer.

Saigon3549d ago

does this article reads like it was published a cople of days late...with a couple of updates to make it look new...last I heard nothing was announced from the MS why would users vote on which games they would like to see from MS and GDC is pretty much over...

odisho683549d ago

lol am i missing something?? is announcing a game going multiplatform really considered a win nowadays??? Sony's big announcements have been new IPs whereas MS has only announced more Halo games and old sony exclusives going multiplatform...

in all honesty microsoft needs to step up their game...announcing a true banjo and kazooie game, perfect dark, conker, killer instinct, forza....any of these will be great announcements...but basically MS needs to use that rare license to the best of their abilities...

stop with all the DLC and give 360 owners some great next gen rare games and back up all the development of those games with your own money instead of securing the multiplatform status of games and exclusive DLC

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gaminoz3550d ago

Well an announcement on Halo Chronicles is overdue, but my guess is we'll hear more about Alan Wake (hurray!) and what Rare are up to.

KionicWarlord2223550d ago

no remedy said no trailer they were at gdc...they talked about pretty much nothing. :(

gaminoz3550d ago

Eventually they are going to have to show something with more substance....

gaminoz3550d ago

I really wish exclusive downloaded 'content' wasn't considered the same way an exclusive game is...

GWAVE3550d ago

You can thank Microsoft for that.

Heck, if all they had were Avatar clothing packs for 2009, you can bet they'd twist some arms to get media outlets to hype them as full games.

talltony3550d ago

is really stupid if they do have exclusive games coming out that they arent talking about. WHy wouldnt microsoft not want you to be excited for new content this year? Still they are probably not stupid, they just dnt have anything this year. which sux!

xabmol3550d ago

There they will announce Lips 2 and You're in the Movies 2.

/sarcasm (not really) (well kinda)

Sarcasm3549d ago

Why? Both are really AAA+++ that causes Sony's Business to hemorrhage.

Do I really need to add the tag?

Okay I will.




Immortal Kaim3550d ago

They better announce something soon... Isn't the show nearly over?

Superfragilistic3549d ago

OXCGN's number 1 pick and I think the reader poll as well and mine too ---- Mass Effect 2!