Raskulls Announced for the XBLA

GamersDigest writes;

"Halfbrick today announced its brand new IP for the Xbox Live Arcade - Raskulls.

Joining the heritage of the most popular XBLA titles such as Braid, Castle Crashers and The Maw, Raskulls is an entirely original and exciting puzzle platformer with a rich single-player campaign and an incredibly addictive online multiplayer component."

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thereapersson3402d ago

I will look forward to hearing more on this game at a later date :)

KionicWarlord2223402d ago

so this is the new ip? guess ill check it out

Anon19743402d ago

You know, I haven't bought Braid yet. I should really check out a few more of these XBLA titles.

GameOn3402d ago

Did you play castle crashers yet? Great fun.

sticky doja3402d ago

I love the game, although it is a little short for $15. Some of the puzzles are so hard but there is a great sense of accomplishment once you figure them out. I can honestly say that I figured them out on my own (I would have given up and looked online had my computer worked at the time lol) except for the 7 secret stars.

iHEARTboobs3402d ago

Didn't know there was a Braid demo. I'll have to check that out. I downloaded Castle Crashers last night so i'll be playing that today.

Question, when i shut down the 360 last night it didn't shut down completely. Is this because I was downloading a demo? Does it stay on to continue downloading?

sticky doja3402d ago

You can set the 360 to download and then turn off after it finishes its download. I'm not sure where the option to turn this setting on is but I'm sure that was the case last night for you.

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3402d ago
REALgamer3402d ago

I focus-tested this game and it's pretty damn addictive. I'll be getting it when it's out on XBLA.

It's difficult to describe the appeal, but it involves tetris-style block stacked up throughout the levels that can be destroyed when standing right next to them. Of course, the danger is the ones above WILL fall down if they're resting on nothing so you'll need to be tunneling through fast without getting crushed.

I'd definitely recommend it to everyone. There's actually a ton of different gametypes in it but all revolving around the same concept of anti-tetris block destroying.

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