X-Play: The Chronicles of Riddick Review

With Butcher Bay setting such a high bar, it's no surprise that Athena falls short, but it's disappointing to see its potential squandered on painful trial and error and mediocre shooting sequences. X-Play would have waited several more years to see a fully realized sequel, rather than a fractured expansion that forgets the most important elements of the Riddick universe.

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Beast_Master3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Seeing as how they gave this game the same score as RE5, it means it is a must buy! I haven't been able to put down RE5 since I bought it at launch. Add to the fact that a girl reviewed this game and we have a platnium experance!

Day 1 purchase all the way thanks X-Play!

Nicknasty3540d ago

Ok guys, you cannot go by the demo. You have got to experience Butcher Bay first of all on the disc. Ive played it on xbox and it was seriously the best game for that console as far as im concerned. Dark Athena is an all new game on the disc which will be a great game, but not as classic as Butcher Bay. I would recommend buying this game for Butcher Bay alone especially if youve never played it before. It is one of the best FPS stealth games period and i think ive played just about all of em. To play Butcher Bay in HD alone is worth it, even if youve already experienced it on xbox. You cannot go by ign either, they already reviewed this game 5 yrs ago for the xbox and it received an 8.5, its an amazing game that everyone needs to experience. Its fast paced and very intense and holds up nicely with todays modern games, trust me. Do not go buy the crappy demo, running down 1 stupid lookin hallway does not even cut it.