Blizz dev talks 9 World of Warcraft quest issues, confesses a sin

Strategy Informer:

"Jeffery Kaplan, former WoW director, has busted his vocal cords to deliver a 40 minute speech covering nine quest-related niggles for World of Warcraft."

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Mutley4163397d ago

I did`nt think Stranglethorn hills was that bad...Questing should be hard...And It did teach me to use the AH, and I sold Tons of those strangethorn Volumes and Ores I found in that area. I guess looking back it was one of those longer quests-

Raf1k13397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Quests should be exactly that, "quests". (When I was a noob questing Teldrassil just using the minimap it really was a quest. Especially when trying to do quests I didn't know I needed a group for lol).

The first time I leveled to end-game was the best because I played for what the game had to offer in terms of all the interesting lore and stuff.

These days it seems quests aren't really quests. Sure they're pretty much the same as vanilla WoW but IMO you're supposed get into RPGs and their stories.

rob60213397d ago

It's OK to admit your game is very mediocre WoW fans. It's ok.