Dementium: The Ward Heads for the UK

After receiving great reviews on its release in America, Dementium: The Ward is now ready to shock the UK with a thrilling story that sees the player trapped in a spooky derelict hospital, with no memory of how they got there. You must explore the dark corridors and battle against the hospital's horrific inhabitants... in a bid to uncover the terrible truth of your mysterious past.

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ionicmoose3222d ago

Hasn't this been out for over a year in the US?

I just presumed it was already out here in the UK, never bothered to look though...

Somnus3222d ago

I didnt even know this wasnt released here. Why put a horror game on the DS?

ionicmoose3222d ago

It's very good for a handheld horror game. First person too :)

PS360WII3222d ago

Yeah it is a good game but it's just NOW going to the UK -.- geez you guys do always get the short end of the stick on game releases

poeo3222d ago

hmm, no wonder this game dropped off my radar, it was never released here either :D

i love horror games so i might pick this up, it looks decent and FPS games can be fun to play on the DS (Metroid Prime: Hunters had awesome controls).

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