Strategy Informer: Ghostbusters Preview

Richard Walker Writes:

"Currently, there are still some placeholder animations and lip-sync issues to be rectified, so we've not had the chance to look at a finished version as yet. Nevertheless, Ghostbusters is looking like it will effortlessly provide a fantastic single-player experience. As for that multiplayer though, we're still feeling stung by the lack of co-op to welcome the touted online modes, leaving us only with a bitter taste in the mouth imagining what could (and should) have been. There're a wealth of online multiplayer options to play with including full VOIP support, 12 maps, two co-operative modes (instant action and customisable campaign mode), leaderboards and a bestiary of captured ghosts to compile. Despite all of this, the online support only caters for two players rather than the full team of four you'd have expected. Imagine a Horde type mode a la Gears of War 2 fighting waves of ghosts as the complete team of four. We also still find it very difficult to accept the exclusion of local multiplayer: this of all movie licences was surely tailor-made for split-screen. Regardless of our misgivings, this does have the tools and the talent, but will it save the day? Stay tuned."

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