Japanese hardware sales: DSi back on top

DSi punched its way back to the top of the Japanese hardware sales charts this week, overtaking both PSP and PS3. Normality is restored.

* DSi - 71,233
* PSP - 65,765
* PS3 - 25,435
* Wii - 18,095
* DS Lite - 8,948
* Xbox 360 - 5,441
* PS2 - 5,067

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ChickeyCantor3252d ago

...where are the people now that PSP is crushing the DS or vice versa...

Sales are funny, they inflict crazy people to go rampage and start a war.

PS360WII3252d ago

Yeah I think the comments would be around 30 by now if it didn't have DSi on top. Ah well still great sales for all. Even with 360 doing 5k it is the norm so they are still holding their version of strong sales.

gumgum993252d ago

It was a mere spike in the last couple of weeks. nothing more.

The DSi sure is getting a good workout with the PSP, however.

3252d ago