GDC 09: Xbox 360 gets nothing new while PS3 gets new MGS and Ratchet game


"GDC 09: Xbox 360 gets nothing new while PS3 gets new MGS and Ratchet game The Game Developers Conference is winding down and all has not been lost as several new games have been announced. The conference for the most part was made up of sessions where developers shared new insight into best practices into game development. Surprisingly Microsoft's camp stayed fairly quiet, while Sony's side was making a bit of ruckus with a tease of a Metal Gear game from Kojima and a new Ratchet & Clank announcement.

I was surprised that Microsoft didn't make much noise during GDC. The Twitter for the Official Xbox Magazine indicated that some cool stuff would be shown day 2 of GDC. However, nothing was really shown during the conference from Microsoft's side. Let me be clear here, just because nothing new was shown at GDC for the Xbox 360 doesn't mean that there isn't anything in the pipeline. I can only assume that the secret good stuff will be saved for E3 later this year. I am looking forward to at least checking out some Alan Wake gameplay. Gamers can now mark their calendars for E3 which takes place in two full months."

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qface643071d ago

i must have missed something when did they even announce a new metal gear solid game? heck when was it even announced for the ps3?

i did see the ratchet game though

Lucreto3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

There was a screen at the end of Kojima keynote with MGS5 written on it.

It might be PS3 exclusive but we don't know yet. They are assuming that MGS4 was exclusive the new one will be as well.

edit: why the disagrees and the bubble loss.

qface643071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

oh really i didn't know that i didn't bother with the keynote kojima gave i didn't expect to hear or see anything at all

sounds nice if that MG raiden thing ain't true

honestly now a days it could be multi plat and i wouldn't be surprised at all
hell it could be for the wii or ds for all we know and i wouldn't be shocked i just don't even know anymore with all the turns the industry is taking

anyways if they do make a MGS5 i just hope its good also hope they work on the online more

sonarus3071d ago

didn't microsoft announce some dlc

qface643071d ago

DLC is good depending on what kind
but in the end its nothing to get all excited about the way people would if it was an announcement for a new game

Shane Kim3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

As long as the new MGS isn't held back, it can be on the 360 as well as on the PS3. I don't care. I just hope it won't come to the Wii, or I'll take my life.

Joe Dirt3071d ago

@Lucreto, if MGS4 could not fit onto a DVD9, i dont see the next MGS fitting on one either.

3071d ago
qface643071d ago

in that case i hope its on the wii
kojima would be doing the world a favor

lol im kidding

Joe Dirt3071d ago

If a new MGS does go multiplat, it will be held back for sure, all you need to do is look at GTAIV, Rage, Burnout, Final fantasy infact all current multiplats as an example.

Lucreto3071d ago

I know it can't fit on the DVD9 but I thiught that Kojima was not directing it this time. The new director might not be as big as a perfectionist as Kojima.

Rock Bottom3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

PS3 got 2 new exclusivs, that katamari game and the "not so surprising" new R&C game, but still, where's WhatThis and the other fanboys who kept saying "wait for GDC, wait for GDC,...", I bet they will be all like "but, eh, wait for teh E3" now.

Ok, that was a bet fanboyish of me.

@Lucreto: I think there's a big chance Kojima will be directing again, and even if he didn't, he will still be the producer, so the new MGS shouldn't stray away from Kojima's vision.

sonarus3071d ago

lol there was a dumb fanboy called wrex the krogan running around screaming he had inside information on how Alan Wake would be playable and the graphics are 75% better than they were last time it was showed.

Then he also said the next COD was exclusive to 360 LMFAO

Shane Kim3071d ago

Actually, I would love to have Shane Kim removed from the face of the earth as well.

- Ghost of Sparta -3071d ago

I'm not sure why I expected Microsoft to reveal some new IP's but I did and saw nothing. They tell me to keep waiting. Well, I've BEEN waiting and all I see is Sony showing us new IP's and sequels.

Parappa The Rappa3071d ago

The definition of "new":
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MGS and R&C are anything BUT new.

caladbolg7773071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

A few too many kicks and punches all to the mind?

locos853071d ago

Kojima wants to make MGS5 bigger than MGS4... That why it will most likely be a PS3 exclusive. All his games are exclusive to some platform at the time of release. I doubt he will break his trend.

ShabzS3071d ago

mgs 2 came out on pc didnt it? they CAN go multi plat if they want to

StayHigh3071d ago

Even if the new Metal Gear Solid come to the 360 ...How many disk will it be on..and knowing Kojima his going to try to take advantae of the PS3 power and space..

My prediction Mass Effect 1 will be announced for the PS3 and Mass Effect 2 will be a time exclusive for the 360..

Left 4 Dead will come to the PS3..There was so many rumors going around and if it isnt announced this E3 then it wont come to the Sony hardware..

NickIni3070d ago

R&C is new. MGS5, we have no details. It will almost certainly be on PS3 (unless it's for iPhone, DS etc.), but to call it an exclusive is jumping the gun a bit.

WeaseL3070d ago

It will be blu only, Kojima even joked about swapping discs during MGS4.

Mindboggle3070d ago

Why would the next MGS go multi platform ? MGS4 sold over 4 mil on PS3 so there's no reason. Sony knows this and I expect them to jump on this game and make it exclusive just like MGS4.

Do you honetsly think Kojima wants to work with a less powerful format ? Probably not....

eagle213070d ago

Team ICO is hard at work for an E3 reveal. :)

360? *crickets chirp*

PS3 is HOT in japan with FFXIII this year. Japanese developers are having awesome success on PS3. *wink*

Tomdc3070d ago

I think they must be saving everything for E3! There gunna have one stella keynote there! We know of very little exclusives coming this year for them at the moment... hmmm doubt it will be as great as the PS3 line up but we'll have to wait and see! I think doing what they could prove a very clever move, E3 is back to its big ol' size again and announcing everything there compared to the others which wont have as much new stuff to announce could win them the backing of the press.. we'll see wont we?

Montreafart3070d ago

will be PS3 exclusive for certain.

"most epic game ever"
"greatest game of the century"

was released exclusively on the PS3 when its install base was at around 12 million and proceeded to sell over 5 million copies in less than a year.

There is absolutely no reason to believe MGS5 will go multi platform. Sorry, but MGS5 is PS3 exclusive sealed in stone.

And MGS5 will jump ahead in tech as much as MGS3 jumped up from MGS2 (lightyears).

MGS never disappoints.

IaMs123070d ago

lol im sorry but i have to say it, i guess its ok to make another MGS but not ok for more Halo? all well... But hey i do hope its a good game you know.

Tony P3070d ago

Pretty much spot on. 360 had very little "cool stuff" come out of GDC besides a few DLC, a new dev kit, and upgrades for GFWL. And only one of those applies to gamers. Unless someone out there actually enjoys being forced to use MS's lacklustre Steam clone.

Compare that to the landslide of new games cropping up for the PS3 both before and during GDC and suddenly 360 looks pretty bare atm on the announcement side. We all know 360 is still getting titles, but you can't keep riding ODST and Alan Wake without announcing anything else.

Is MS saving up for some big news at E3? Probably. But then again, one wonders what PS3 will have to offer down the road. If Sony reiterates the same announcements made here, then MS will level the playing field. If Sony has MORE new games, then we can truly start calling this a PS3 year.

Please, take all that as my own personal analysis, not hard fact.

FlameBaitGod3070d ago

I remember when i was paying MGS4 and Otacon said, insert disk too and i was like... what.... i looked for the box quickly and i was like F NO!!! my second disk is MISSING!.... then he says the blu ray thing and im like... you bastard you scared me :(

NIGHT_HAWK32103065d ago

is this article serious? wow ps3 is really gonna catch xbox soon now. ive been waiting for a new ratchet game ever since i got my ps3. (SARCASM) i play both systems, but ps3 fanboys run rampant on this site and try to grasp onto anything that might catch 360. kind of stupid, but i guess thats what being a fanboy consists of.

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michellejbuss3071d ago

Would love to see a bit more of the Alan wake title. I am really hoping they will give us some news at E3

Anon19743071d ago

Alan Wake looks like the only thing on the horizon worth dusting my 360 off for. Well, that and the Halo expansion. Me likey Halo. Long wait for either of those, though.

locos853071d ago

Why are you guys excited about this game?? They still havent shown us anything about it except a trailer with a bunch of trees and screens with Alan hold a flashlight......

Shane Kim3071d ago

"I was surprised that Microsoft didn’t make much noise during GDC."

Oh you were?