"It's Not All About Mii Anymore", Nintendojo Praises HOME & Sony

Nintendojo reports: "You can be assured that you are still visiting a Nintendo-oriented fan site. Nintendojo will not be changing its name to PlayStationDojo anytime soon. As Nintendo fans, however, we need to realize that Sony has raised the stakes for this generation of consoles with Home, its newest online endeavor."

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ChickeyCantor4261d ago

he says "My response to that? Microsoft has been rolling out retro games for Xbox 360 owners to download and play since late 2005"

back in the snes time in japan people could download games via sattelite( or something like that, thnx to an add-on for the snes. although this wasnt a hit and the download times wur horror

"Our avatars, at the very least, need to make a jump to the next level, whether that means more customization options, a basic online community for them a la Animal Crossing or seeing more Mii implementation in future Wii releases."

well nintendo is still working on new channels, so who knows what we will get.

marcellizot4261d ago

Excellently written, well balanced article. How refreshing it is to see someone offer some genuine objectivity in a field of journalism so often plagued with rampant fanboyism. I only wish I had written it.

Torch4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

of the importance of competition in the video game industry, as well as why no one (including the most devoted fanboy) should ever, EVER hope for a single console to "win" (as many like to put it). Those people fail to realize that without the existence of competiton, or the pressure to improve, we'd probably all still be playing Combat on the Atari 2600.

A prime case in point is the Wii's online interactivity. Prior to, and shortly following launch, the Wii was praised and commended by the masses for developing such an innovative and ground-breaking system involving the creation of characters in the form of Mii's. There was no shortage of optimistic chatter about the possibilities...most notably the incorporation of custom Mii content into future games.

Now, a scant four months following launch, Sony lands a bomb which quite frankly has that once-seemingly-invincible optimistic percpetion concerning Nintendo's online status doing a full 180...perhaps even has them now sitting there with a little egg on their face (some of it surprisingly self-administered.)

The last sentence of the article sums it up beautifully: "E3 is only four months away, Nintendo."

Sony's announcement of Home can only compel the Big N to scramble and counter with something (though not necessarily online-related) to calm the disgruntled many. And I'm sure Microsoft isn't sitting back casually, either.

My point is that there IS room in the market for multiple consoles. Actually, it's pretty much a necessity if we want the industry to prosper. Use your dollars to vote for what THEY can best do for YOU...not which logo looks cooler on your T-shirt. This way, the competitors (despite the product or industry) will have no option but to respond to the demands of the majority should they want to remain in the game.

If they all win, then WE all win!

May we all forever game-on happily with our consoles of choice!

ChickeyCantor4261d ago

"If they all win, then WE all win!"

yeah right that is what you wish, fanboys will search for the little things just to bash a nother console,stupid topics would go further then some topics we have to today.

for little things they would start the WWIII!

this was offtopic for sure but just had to say it =P

Torch4261d ago

It's not what I wish; it's the simple truth.

If the majority of the market is driven by rabid, naive fanboys, then so be it: We all lose...including those ignorant drones.

When that happens, we'll just keep monotonously creating Mii's for our lonely Plaza, and pay outrageous prices for mediocre games supported by only one system.

After all, majority does rule...even if that majority is a dumb as wood, I'm sad to say.

ChickeyCantor4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

ok, let me say it in a different way then :P
yess we all win, but fanboys are not here to go, anytime!

(i didnt dissagree btw!)

sajj3164260d ago

I really appreciate the editor of Nintendojo for writing an article that appreciates technology for a 'rival' system. This is the definition of a 'true' fan of this industry. Let's stop the 'fanboyism'.

sumfood4u4260d ago

Might be videogame rivals, but the Respect is clearly there! Nuff said!

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