x360a Review: Fallout 3's The Pitt DLC

x360a writes: "After a file corruption problem that allowed thousands of gamers to download a faulty version of The Pitt, where we could experience the joys of floating red exclamation points, floating trees, the ability to walk off the map or swim in a river that gave off more than 500 rads a second, the real version of Fallout 3's second DLC quest line is finally up for everyone to enjoy. This time, the snowy plains of Anchorage are but a distant memory as players are slung in to the industrial haven known as "The Pitt."

Similar to Operation Anchorage, the main quest line begins with a radio transmission calling for help. The citizens of the hellish ruins of Pittsburgh, now known as The Pitt, are a beleaguered group of people, forced into slavery and slowly dying from radiation and other environmental poisons..."

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