360Sync: Wallace & Gromit Fright of the Bumblebees Review

360Sync writes: "For those who have been gaming for quite a while, many of us have fond memories of a genre that ruled the PC realm for a time called point and click adventures. You know, games like The Secret of Monkey Island? I happened to love that genre, in fact Monkey Island is still one of my favorite games of all time. These adventure games were known for usually having great humor and clever puzzles difficult enough to make you think about it, but not so much that you want to quit. The genre slowly fell from its throne after a streak of lower quality games and the shooter genre taking over the PC. Here we are years later and at least one developer is carrying the torch, and doing it well: Telltale Games. They are the team behind the Sam and Max adventure series and also Strong Bad's Game For Attractive People, and now they got a hold of the rights for Wallace and Gromit, the successful animation series. The first episode of their Wallace and Gromit games has released for the PC and is soon coming to the XBLA… how does it fare?..."

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