Video: NXE "1 VS 100" Game Out in the Wild

Someone from Gamertag Radio's friendlist already playing the new NXE game "1 VS 100". The game was due to be released with the "New Xbox Experience" update but this & the Primetime content, was delayed.

Could this means that the Spring Dashboard update is coming out soon? No details yet from Microsoft on the release date of the game.

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KionicWarlord2223217d ago

still want to know if there will be more games.

iMad3217d ago

Xbox Live is the best place for social gaming expirience.

1 vs 100 is very very wellcome.

talltony3217d ago

might be fun to play if you can win actual prizes.

ssipmraw3217d ago

360s killer app is HERE!!! PS3 IS DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haha no exclusive games for you this year

KionicWarlord2223217d ago

wil have to wait till e- forget about it.maybe your right :\

Parappa The Rappa3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Where you can bet your MS Points on various Casino games.
Since MS Points are being earned/lost and not US Currency--its legal.
Like TallTony was saying(above)--winning actual prizes would be awesome too.
But a Casino? I'd be on that sh*t all nite.

ScorponokG13217d ago

yeah that would be cool, but in the city where i live they would make sure we wouldn't get to play it, they would throw us in jail and call it illegal. but i would like to see 1. vs 100 and the netflix party view very soon.

Parappa The Rappa3216d ago

Buddy, where the hell do you live?