Nintendo Bans Homebrewers - Gameplayer

From article:

"Recently, when we were at a Nintendo DSi unveiling event, we asked the question: "The DS Lite has got some serious issues when it comes to piracy, will this new DSi take steps to shaft them?".

The lovely marketing representative didn't have any technical data to give us, but she did confirm that yes, Nintendo was aware of the problem and that it was going to be addressed with this new iteration of the DS.

Curious to see if that was the case (and not media spin to keep us happy), we decided to go down to Chinatown (the real one, not the Rockstar one), secure ourselves a DS flash card (a device used to play illegal code – don't act like you don't know what it is) and do some experimentation..."

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SlappingOysters3402d ago

It is certainly a shame that the side-effect of protecting against piracy is the limitation of the homebrew market, but it is not surprising to me that the DSi does this.

Polluted3402d ago

Hmmm...wonder how long this will last. I'm guessing it'll be 3 weeks from the official North American release date until someone cracks this sucker.

Skerj3402d ago

It's already over, they just bought the wrong card.

noxeven3402d ago

Nintendo are fools for thinking remove the gba port and adding sd cards and a few other things are gonna stop piracy they basically made it easier to do