1UP GDC: Hitoshi Sakimoto's Insights into the Game Music Industry

1UP writes: "Whether or not you know the name Hitoshi Sakimoto, you likely know the man's music. As the composer of games like Gradius V, Opoona, Radiant Silvergun, and Square Enix's Ivalice Alliance titles, Sakimoto and his studio Basiscape seem to be everywhere, enriching games with his trademark sound: sweeping but layered, delicate yet driving. While he made his name with the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, Sakimoto is equally at home with epic RPGs and short-but-sweet shooters. All of this came into clear focus during his presentation this morning at Game Developers Conference, "Experiences and Rare Insights into the Video Game Music Industry." Sakimoto recounted a bit of his past and emphasized the importance of developing a personal style while bearing in mind the need of a game composer to create music with commercial appeal."

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