IGN shows us how NOT to inform

IGN recently ran an article detailing the amount of money independent game developers could possibly make, in which they cited 2D Boy and their successful game World of Goo. At least, that's what the article was supposed to be about.

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Cookigaki3219d ago

Yes, even though IGN has info that Cookigaki is interested in, Cookigaki does not visit the site. Game Informer is much better.

Twizlex3219d ago

Agreed, Game Informer is much better and seemingly less evil.

L80BelfDK3219d ago

I'm sure they are evil too. They just hide it better.

Vault Boy3219d ago

GI is awesome. I don't understand how they keep stuff secret until the magazine hits the streets. How does the internet not find this stuff first?

Twizlex3219d ago

Yeah, and how does Game Informer itself keep its information from getting leaked early?

h0tz0rz3219d ago

Yeah and their website is always behind their magazine. I almost don't understand why they even have a website.

Milk is for Babies3219d ago

Well I can answer that. The website is behind because if it wasn't nobody would need to get the magazine. But the website also has extra pictures and stuff for the "unlimited enabled" stuff.

L80BelfDK3219d ago

Oh man I totally hate IGN and their bullsh!t. I'm glad other people are willing to call them out on their strong arm tactics. Like not linking to sources wtf! IGN doesn't need to bogart the internet like that and pretend like they have all the information. Assholes.

Vault Boy3219d ago

Bogart the internet, lol. But I agree with you, ign gets enough hits already that they shouldn't be stealing from everyone else.

dribnif3219d ago

That's a whole lotta hate for IGN

rmedtx8883219d ago

I don't doubt that they are advertising their online service; Direct to Drive, most companies are opting for going for the profits instead of really objectively reviewing the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.