GDC 09: Attention Future Developers, Insomniac's Got Your Back

PS3 Blog writes: "Hello from GDC 09! My name is Mike Acton and I'm the Engine Director at Insomniac Games. Last year at GDC we announced our Nocturnal Initiative and how we were going to use that to share some of the source code and research that happens here at Insomniac Games with the industry as a whole. I'm really pleased to say that over the last year we've seen a lot of good responses to that initiative. From individual students, to large studios and publishers, and even companies outside the industry, we've seen that people are interested in using what we have offered and contributing back ideas and changes."

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jtmill073398d ago

That is real gaming news. Keep up the good work Insomniac. :P

cayal3398d ago

How awesome is that company. I wanna work for them.