Five Suggestions for PlayStation 3 in 2009

SCRAWL: "Since the start of 2009, it was quite obvious that the PlayStation 3 was in for a great year. With titles like Killzone 2, inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 on the way, the PlayStation 3 is a shoe-in for an amazing year. It is currently offering a greater line-up for the year against its competitor as well.

Killzone 2, inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 aren't the only games hitting the PlayStation 3 this year. Within the past week, more than five brand new PlayStation 3 exclusives have been announced. This year's line-up now includes Katamari Forever, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Atelier Rorona, a new Gundam, Strength of the Sword, and more. The PlayStation 3's 2009 is exceedingly great in the games category."

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grantps33377d ago

pretty cool, but the boss thing isnt surprising. anybody could make a boss like that.

Media molecule FTW

ChozenWoan3377d ago

Anyway, this list sucks.

1. new interface... Not needed. maybe some changes but a whole new interface is not needed.

2. Real Profiles... true, this is where the XMB could improve the most. I'd be nice if we could post real pics of ourselves (moderated of coarse) so other gamers could get a real sense of who they are dealing with.

3. JRPG.... over rated. Yes we could use some more games and especially RPGs, I just don't care where they are from. Also, I don't want the kiddy RPGs devs have been releasing lately. A sucky game is still a sucky game no matter which platform it's for.

4. PS1 Classics in PSN... Hahahahaha! Every PS3 can play these out the box. Why pay for a game you already have or can get for $1-$5 at the local pawn shop.

5. No game installations.... This is a 50/50 issue here. Yea having no installations or smaller ones would be great. And since GG has shown that it can be done with games as great as KZ2, I'm sure other devs will make more of an effort to reach this goal. Provided of coarse that gameplay and stability doesn't suffer. To be honest, if it ment that KZ2 would run at 1080p, I would much rather of had a 5gb installation.