Extended God Of War 3 leaked footage

Extended God Of War 3 leaked footage with BETTER quality

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Simon_Brezhnev3526d ago

i cant wait to get this game i really hope they make it long and epic as possible and use all the blu-ray space

- Ghost of Sparta -3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I'm still not quite sure why some people expected this clip to be longer. I mean this is leaked and it's a clip, a showing of what's possible when you jump on top of a Cyclops. Nothing more, nothing less. We've still gotta wait until Spring 2010 until they're all set and ready to launch God of War 3. It's going to be one hellish wait but totally worth it in the end.

1 HiT KiLLZ3526d ago

Knowing Sony Santa Monica's track record, i'd say there is nothing to worry about. These guys are among the best of the best and they take pride in providing gamers with incredible gameplay with the right lenght and depth of story telling.

I believe they said they would take advantage the blu ray space in an interview a while ago.

GVON3526d ago

Man in native 1080p it will look sick,you can tell from the geometry and textures on the cave wall it's going to look amazing.

Bonsai12143526d ago

if i remember correctly, gow has intentional freezing when you combo to certain numbers right? its been so long since i've played it. or maybe when it was a certain point in the combo chain it slowed down for dramatic effect.

sonarus3526d ago

Games this gen have been pretty short. I hope they can make this game epic in all ways

Hallucinate3526d ago

yea it does have intentinal freezing..everytime you hit an enemy i belive its kinda cool

sonarus3526d ago

lol @ framerate drops being cool.

The game is still early on it will take a while before they get rid of the framerate drops but they will

Bnet3433526d ago

HOLY SH*T. I can't wait for GOW3. DAAAmn that footage was badass, it got my hyped!. Seems the same but who cares, still badass.

Itsallfunandgames3526d ago

People be in here talken about, I like it " Long and epic as possible" you agoraphobes are makin me homophobe. You guys just wanna play a little Hacki Sack?

sonarus3526d ago

Why bother to comment if you have nothing sensible to say?

kevnb3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

GOD 1 was 6 hours long, they don't get much shorter than that. But anyway, games this gen are usually about the same length as last, which was longer than gens before for the most part.

Rainstorm813525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Everyone is excited because those who have played the gow series knows this game will be another gem when its released. or do the xbox fanboys forget when GOW2 was released it was the best action game available that year on any system including the 360. it didnt have super amazing next gen graphics, but the gameplay and presentation was unprecedented the series will continue that with GOW3.

To all GOW fans dont get mad at the "Haters" blinded by thier distain for ps3 they will reject any game no matter how good it is. so be prepared for........"uncharted 2 looks like crap" so far to fanboys "killzone 2 is crap" and i guess by their logic (or lack there of) "GOW3 will suck"

POOR DILUTED FANBOYS when will you become a real gamer

and to the post above me Wanted weapons of fate is 4 hours long it dosent get much shorter than that.

3525d ago
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danthegardner3526d ago

I love those rocks above Helios that the fire is shining on. I love them.

Ju3526d ago

Bu...bu...buuttt the framerate .... was absolutely fantastic.

lolol1233526d ago

games gona be cool but they need to change the animations. looks too much like the older games

rhood0223526d ago

Think of this clip as a placeholder of what's to come--meaning it's representative of the final product but using assets (animations, characters, background textures) that don't necessarily reflect the completed project. That is why the floor lacks detailed textures or the animations seem a little stiff, for example.

This clip is specifically showing ONE of the new features of the game--the Cyclops riding. Therefore, there is no need to go into uber detail on everything.

SupaPlaya3526d ago

People are quick to judge the graphics when what the devs want to show off is Kratos riding on Cyclops. They are not boasting mega texture or closed to finished animations. That's why this footage is not released to the public.


lolol1233526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

why dont both of you prove that these animations are placeholders instead of just saying that to make everyone feel better. go ahead and link to proof where they say these animations will be changed.

you cant, because they never said that. this is the same chain swinging animation that was in the official trailer. and its the same chain swinging animation thats in god of war 2 and 1. its likely they will keep it.

saying stuff like "oh this is just the start of the game lolol the textures and everything will improve" is just common sense. little things always improve here and there. entire sequences of animations? unlikely

Baka-akaB3526d ago

You make it sounds as if the animation wasnt awesome . It was then and still it , hence no change here or in the foreseen future in that area .

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Sarevok3526d ago

Cant wait to beat this on titan mode! x3