N-Philes: Trackmania DS Review

N-Philes writes: "I've been a fan of the Trackmania games on the PC for years. The competitive online modes combined with the wild variety in the user-designed tracks kept it fun for far longer than the basic gameplay would normally sustain. This DS version has that basic gameplay pretty much nailed. The catch is there is no online functionality; you can only share custom track designs and compete locally. In a way this is just a reminder of the point of handheld gaming. Of course it's technically possible to add online features to DS games, but that's not really what handheld games do best. If you want a game that gives you a quick taste of Trackmania on the go, Trackmania DS absolutely provides that. If you want a full-featured game that will provide endless hours of entertainment, I don't know why you're looking for it on the DS".

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