Game Revolution: Madworld Review

GR: "I haven't seen something like this really come along for the Wii very often, or for a Nintendo console in general. I hope this changes the thought process of Nintendo consoles being considered just for "casual" players and kids, like No More Heroes, Killer 7 (for the Gamecube) and Conker's Bad Fur Day (for the N64) have tried before. There is some potential here to show the world that the big N has changed with the times, and while wants everybody to be able to have fun with their little white box, that it really can be a mature gaming platform, and able to show the competition some grown-up fight."

+ Black and white hasn't been so gorgeous
+ Dialog is free-wheeling and unpredictable
+ Controls are easy and engaging
+ Wave after wave of enemies
- That are pretty much all the same

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