Disgaea 3 gets Trophy Patch + Home Rewards

Nippon Ichi Software released a patch in Japan that adds 50 trophies and Home Rewards to Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Getting them is going to be a challenge. One trophy is awarded after dealing over 10 billion damage and another is given after a Counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-attack. That's ten counter attacks in a row. After you earn a trophy you also get a Prinny trophy of the corresponding color to place in your PlayStation Home space.

No word if NIS America will add this patch here, but they are playing with adding trophies to Cross Edge so…

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Marona3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Cross Edge(JP Version) does not have Trophies while the NA Version being released in 2009(all PS3 games have a mandatory of trophies implemented) will get it's trophies, so we'll see a patch coming soon for both(CE JP & D3 NA).

Marona3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

/v/ post of an incomplete/not-detailed list of the trophies. (Posting Update on the news once I get the complete list)

- Win 50 Trophies.

- Clear LoC Item World from floor 1 to 100 without exiting.
- During Reverse Pirating, collect all innocents, treasures, and level spheres on the map.
- Deal 10 billion damage.

- Find the Trophy Room in 90+ Item World.
- Defeat Prinny Pirates.
- Defeat Diez Gents Pirates.
- Defeat Ball Pirates.
- During Reverse Pirating, collect all innocents.

- Clear Item World from floor 1 to 100 without exiting.
- There are 21 bronze trophies for defeating each pirate.
- In Item World's Tower room, speak with the Cat at the top.
- During Reverse Pirating, collect all treasures.
- Deal 100 million damage.
- Deal 1 million damage.
- Perform 9 counters in a row.
- Achieve 5 color chains with geopanels.
- Play for a 10 hours session.
- Defeat an unit in battle with a 10-hit combo.
- Perform 100 jumps.
- Defeat an unit in battle with a 10-unit tower attack.
- Find Akutare/Axel in the Item World.
- Pass a homeroom proposal by force.
- Achieve 255 turn stationary bonus.
- Capture an enemy.
- Perform 5 magichanges in battle.

lol... a lot harder than I though it would be.

joemayo763524d ago

hell yea!!! time for some level grinding in the item world sweet !! :)

- Ghost of Sparta -3525d ago

"One trophy is awarded after dealing over 10 billion damage and another is given after a Counter-counter-counter-counte r-counter-counter-counter-count er-counter-counter-attack." ;

Even as a huge Disgaea fan I must admit that this is friggin' ridiculous.

Marona3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I concur, for the starters it will be a challenge for the dozens/hundreds of hours until some trophies get unlocked. Once the NA get's the patch I'll start over instead, looking forward to this.

Godmars2903524d ago

But then, neither am I.

I've yet to break 100K damage. But for in-Home swag, I just might start trying.

SaiyanFury3524d ago

I feel your pain. I like JSRPGs, but the Disgaea series is only for the hardcore of the hardcore. I got the game back in September of 08, and I was never able to figure out everything. People who knew the game were able to level up fast and take advantage of it. I have 180+ hours and I was never able to figure out how to effectively level up. The best level I got to was 85 just from sheer grinding. If I could've figured out the game better I know I would have done better.

Bebedora3524d ago

I agree it is hard to know the ins and outs of this series. Where's the FM? A more complete manual for the novice would be nice.

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The gaming GOD3525d ago

But I seriously hope I don't have to make a new save file just for these trophies. I spent too much time powering up my characters and items. So I hope the trophies are retroactive because there is no flippin way I'm doing all that powering up again from scratch on a new save file.

Also, as cool as this is, some of those trophies are INSANELY hard even for the most avid nippon ichi fan.

- Ghost of Sparta -3525d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

How many PS3 games were patched up with retroactive trophies? None. It sucks that I have to start over but I quit playing Disgaea 3 after I reached Chapter 4 for this reason. 'Cause I knew trophies would come and I'd have to create a new file. Same goes for Valkyria Chronicles. I'd rather wait.

Rmagnus3524d ago

ya i can't think of many games if any that has retroactive trophies but i did enjoy playing D3 alot and since i only spent like 60 hours into it, its not a big deal.... i guess..... wait.... I need to spend another 60 hrs just to get to where i am now...... Well for the trophies!!!

Godmars2903524d ago

You'll probably just need to do the damage, meet requirements with existing characters after you get trophies.

cLiCK_sLiCK93524d ago

Im pretty sure Warhawk's trophies were retroactive.

Alex_Mexico3524d ago

You got that right. Warhawk was retroactive!

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TheColbertinator3525d ago

I think its time I return to Disgaea again

Wildarmsjecht3525d ago

YES. OMG YES. I want to crack my case open again right now...but I'm waiting..waiting for the trophies...good god I love NiS.

LeGenDx3524d ago

i probably wont get plat but ill get most of them

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