Destructoid: GDC 09: Preview: Section 8

Destructoid writes: "Overall, Section 8 holds the potential to be pretty fun. There's work that needs to be done on the bots and I only saw one (of the eight) maps leaving me curious as to how varied multiplayer will be. Otherwise, it looks good visually, controls well and I've never had so much fun spawning before".

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1 HiT KiLLZ3546d ago

This looks mediocre at best. I think they should leave it a 360 exclusive, god knows they need it.

Thoreau3546d ago

looks very promising, but it better not come out around CODMW2

1 HiT KiLLZ3546d ago

LOL too true, that would be a death wish similar to when all other FPS's hopes in Feb where crushed by Killzone2, fear being a prime example. To not so popular devs trying to make a name for themselves, never release a your games in a close release of a AAA title lol.