GDC 09: Destructoid Hands-On With Punch Out

Destructoid Writes:

"It's not that the controls are awful, necessarily -- you won't be mindlessly throwing your arms in every direction in some random attempt to land punches like one might in Wii Boxing -- it's just that they're, well, typical of every other Wiimote motion scheme ever. Punches are controlled by thrusting the nunchuck or Wiimote forward. This works fine if you make very sharp motions and slow your punching speed so that only one controller is moving at a time, but considering how quick and reflex-based the series has tended to be I couldn't help but try to do the motion-control equivalent of button-mashing by quickly shooting my arms out to do quick combos, which ended up just confusing the motion sensors. Everything else is controlled through buttons -- holding up on the nunchuckanalog stick allows you to throw face punches, while pressing the stick left, right, or down dodges in that direction -- I screwed up punch combos frequently enough that if it'd been up to me, I would have just turned the Wiimote on its side and played that way

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