Gamertell Review: Lux-Pain for DS

From the review, "Lux-Pain does so many things right. It has a fantastic story, with lots of options, twists and turns. The presentation is perfect, with the worm extraction being conducted in a manner similar to Trauma Center and term synthesis being similar to The World Ends With You's imprinting. The characters are believable. The storyline doesn't drag. There's lots of voice acting and quite a few animated sequences. It's, in theory, the perfect visual novel.

Except for the voice acting. It isn't that the voice actors are bad. Quite the opposite, the casting is practically perfect. It's more what they're saying. The voice acting script doesn't match the in-game text. It feels like you're having two conversations at the same time about a similar idea.

Sometimes it's like having two different conversations about entirely different topics..."

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