TMNT to Bitch Slap Smash Bros?

Gameplayer writes:

"When you look at TMNT Smash Up the similarities between it and Super Smash Bros Brawl are pretty damned obvious. But just how close are these two worthy fighters in nature? Are Game Arts going to successfully one up the Mario fisticuffs champion? We go behind the scenes with Ubisoft's resident fighting game guru to get a better idea…"

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SlappingOysters3551d ago

Super Smash Bros. is a good model to build off, but it cannot be toppled. still some competition will be sweet.

- Ghost of Sparta -3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

This is how new IP's end up failing to live up to the hype, when you compare them to proven franchises like Super Smash, which never disappoint.

Besides, there's nothing cool about the Ninja Turtles. They carry the salmonella virus.

Elven63551d ago

Correction: There is nothing cool about the NEW Ninja Turtles, the classic ones still kick a$$!

ThanatosDMC3551d ago

They should have a Marvel vs Capcom vs Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics smash game... with fatalities and whatever super moves each character has...

DBZ characters arent allowed since they're too powerful.

Gun_Senshi3551d ago

a "remake" or sequel to that TMNT game. I think it was on snes.

Oh imagine kicking butt online co op mode together!!

SlappingOysters3551d ago

isn't their one on the live arcade?

xabmol3551d ago

TMNT Turtles in Time With updated graphics and 4 player online and ofline co-op.

Freakwave0033551d ago

I loved the TMNT game that they had at the arcade where you and 3 of your friends could play. Great times.

greenmeanie3551d ago

Got it on Xbox live arcade!!! Great game! So classic!

greenmeanie3551d ago

This game will be great. And some people may prefer it to Smash Bros. Does that mean it will be better than Smash bros? Not at all! Unless thats your opinion... But can it be just as fun? Absolutely!!! I love the TMNT! Always have, always will! I think this game is going to be awesome. I cant wait to play it! After a bad stream of turtles games we are getting one that looks promising.

TheColbertinator3551d ago


How is TMNT going to topple the combined fanbases of Mario,Sonic,Snake,Samus,Donkey Kong,Yoshi and several others?

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The story is too old to be commented.