Clash of the engines (UE3 vs CryENGINE 3)

TVGB: "Just about an hour ago I got to get a little taste of the up and coming CryEngine 3. Yesterday, I got to check out what Epic's kicking out for their own Unreal Engine 3. What can a non-tech-savvy videogame fan say about what he saw? Well, nothing that will get the [H]ard|OCP guys… hard. Crytek talks about having as many lights as you want with little framerate hit and Epic talks about how they can do more than ever with just one light. What the hell? Apples and Oranges, you tech nerds duke that one out."

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shazam3402d ago

this cant even be considered a clash. its more like a cat (UE3) getting run over by a semi truck (CRY3)

- Ghost of Sparta -3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Is this comparison even necessary? It's like comparing a .357 Magnum to a water pistol.

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