Section 8 - New screenshots and artwork

Southpeak Game published some new screenshots and artwork from Section 8. Check them out.

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Supercalifragili3497d ago

Seems interesting. Only for PC and Xbox 360?

Foxgod3497d ago

ign is wrong, section 8 is confirmed to be pc/360 only.

heyheyhey3497d ago


actually they said it was timed exclusive

although if the game is as generic and ugly as it looks in those screens.. i really couldn't care less

diefor3497d ago

I like the lights effects.

Myst3497d ago

Every time I hear section 8 I'm always thinking Ghost in the Shell...From the screenshots it looks pretty interesting. Definitely caught my attention.

KionicWarlord2223497d ago

um it went xbox 360/pc only after studio change ....i think i remember that.

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