GDC: Kojima on Doing the Impossible

Hideo Kojima gave an inspiring and entertaining GDC keynote describing the 20-year evolution of the Metal Gear series, from the very first Metal Gear game on the MSX2 platform up to 2008's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

In explaining how to make the "impossible" possible, he outlined the obstacles and times in his life when he thought he might be up against a "wall of impossibility." To cross that wall of impossibility in game development, he changed his perspective or came up with new ways to attack the problem, whether it be hardware-imposed constraints or a self-imposed goal of excellence.

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Rip-Ridah3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I don't think anyone needs to be told of how great a developer Hideo Kojima is. His work speaks for itself. I am a huge supporter of developers who push themselves and like to think outside of the box to bring the consumers innovative and enjoyable titles. These are the types of games that deserve my hard earned $65+ on a regular basis. There are a few developers that I can think of that have a passion for innovation and perfection like Kojima does. A lot of those developers ironically make exclusive titles for a platform that I will withhold from saying due to F.B.L. (fan boy backlash). Team Ico, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Incognito, Media Molecule, _____ Santa Monica, etc. There is also a notable 3rd party dev/publisher that deserves recognition as well...Rockstar North/San Diego...just Rockstar in general. Keep the industry thriving guys! My money and time is reserved for all of your future visions and ideas.


badz1493217d ago

so I'll just reply here instead! Kojima san, I'm a fan and you're AWESOME! nuff said!

Valkyre3217d ago

sex feels even better than being second in a post!

PotNoodle3217d ago

However, being the first poster is better than sex.

El_Colombiano3217d ago

Being first and having sex is even better.

Rice3217d ago

Having sex while type the first comment = orgasmic win

Bubble Buddy3217d ago

You can be post 1.1 if you want :)

Hideo is just amazing and I look up to him. Keep the great games coming.

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cronaldo73217d ago

Doing the Impossible? MGS4 on 360?

XxZxX3217d ago

no, that will be getting Japanese to love XBOX 360.

UltimateIdiot9113217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Now if you read the article, you would have read that 10% of making impossible to possible is technology and the passage of time. 360 lacks the technology for his vision, time can't make up for that. If 360 had included an HD-DVD drive, things could have been different.

akaFullMetal3217d ago

he always manages to do the impossible

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