Metal Gear Solid... Raiden? Image Confirmation writes:

"f you've followed <G4's> Live Blog of the Kojima's GDC 2009 Keynote, you might be asking yourself, "What's the deal with the last startling images of the presentation?".

After a rousing speech taking audience members through the entire Metal Gear franchise the last image we were left with was a bold still which reads "Mission: The Next MGS". Furthermore, planted in the top right corner of the still is a clear impression of the cyber ninja Raiden"

Close-Up Image at

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theKiller3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

its good to refresh the series with Raiden!! snake done his job! one of the best characters in gaming history!

its good time to be a ps3 owner these days, the good news and products just doesn't stop flawing

BrunoM3370d ago

If done right these can b one of the best ninja actions spy games ever .... and besides we know Hideo is on it so we can say that...

As for me i cant wait bring it onnnnn .... i wounder if these is another ONLY on playstation game ..or because is not a reall MGS (a.K.A SNAKEEEEE ) will be multi ... bue w.e all i care is NEW MGS YEAHHHH lol..

E3 cant come soon enuf damn...

Snake Raiser3370d ago

I don't know. I know you all probably guessed I was going to say this, but it looks kind of like THE BOSS in the close up. Maybe it could star THE BOSS and/or BIG BOSS?

PixlSheX3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I want a MGS starring The Boss.

Mmmm.. how could it be if Raiden dies?.
"Game Over screen"

Who in the earth would say that?

xwabbit3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I know that if Kojima left MG to hes team, he knows what hes doing. So this will be another great game. Any 1 know if its going milti platform or staying exclusive ?
They guy who disagreed, care to say y ?

CrimsonFox133370d ago

Why is everyone making a big deal out of this?

Am I the only one who thinks this is actually a joke? If you watch MGS3's secret theater, there were videos showing Raiden trying to become the main character in the next game, and it was even hinted at. And again, in an MGS4 trailer, Raiden was shown as the main character -- Before being attacked and beaten down by Solid Snake, who then took the spotlight.

This is probably just a joke.

- Ghost of Sparta -3370d ago

Exclusive to PS3, unless there are people out there that are telling themselves that Hideo Kojima wants to make a much smaller game than MGS4. If you defeated Crying Wolf in MGS4 you'd know that he doesn't want to go back to DVD's. It's bad enough that he has to complain about Blu-ray discs not having enough storage.

In short, his next game WILL BE multi-platform, if you're stupid enough to believe that he's going to mass compress the 360 version and release it on 8 DVD's. Microsoft won't even allow a 3rd DVD for Rage. Rage on 360 needs 3 DVD's to look on par with the PS3 version, confirmed by John Carmack. Right now, iD Software are begging for that 3rd disc.

Bonsai12143370d ago

i can see them doing the "Rescue Sunny" story line. it'd be two parts too, like previous MGS games. sneaking in and trying to get to her, then after he's caught and turned into a Ninja.

cayal3370d ago

^ That's how I'd see it as well. They'd tie in the story about Rose and the baby early on.
Raiden investigating Sunny's disappearance
He gets caught
Turned into a Cyborg
Rescues Sunny.

I think that would be the basic outline of the story.

Of course this is could be about Grey Fox.

San anto3370d ago

Holy sh!t holy sh!t holy sh!t!!!!!!!!!

phosphor1123370d ago

You can keep action and stealth in place. Of course it would work differently, but if Kojima-san is working on it, it will be epic. I hate to sound greedy, but I hope it stays PS3. The main reason why is that I REALLY hope those 400gb Blu Ray drives are released so Konami can use it for the game. That would be...idk..I'd be speechless with the amount of stuff he would be able to do.

cayal3370d ago

"Mmmm.. how could it be if Raiden dies?.
"Game Over screen"

Who in the earth would say that?"

You mean how it is in Metal Gear Solid 2?

arika3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

especially on mgs4. now i know why kojima gave a lot of emphasis on raiden's story also making him a hero in the end and not letting him die, even though he was almost crushed to death.

just imagine guys, the graphic quality of uncharted 2 and killzone 2 and the gameplay of mgs4, ninja gaiden and assassins creed(i know kojima is interested in that game too) combined! man then we've got another killer exclusive on our hands. SWEET!

Sarcasm3370d ago

Isn't it quite a bit obvious seeing as how nobody really knows what happened to Raiden in MGS4? I mean there's like a 5 year gap between MGS2 and MGS4.

I'm officially juiced.

Multiplatform or not, I'm buying this on PS3 day one.

locos853369d ago

I guess it should be called Metal Gear Raiden.... since Snake will not be the main character, and might not even be in there at all (doubt that), but I can't wait.

P.S. Put the Metal Gear collection on a Blu-Ray disc. I sold my PS2 a long time ago.

meepmoopmeep3369d ago


oh man, can't wait! they really redeemed Raiden in MGS4.
he's such a badass ninja now.

hopefully we can pull off some crazy ninja moves in this
but also incorporate stealth in the game as well.

Stealth Ninja Killing FTW

IcarusOne3369d ago

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz

Mindboggle3369d ago

I love how 360 fanboys have just given up on MGS4 coming to 360....This wont be any different. If you want MGS you need to buy a PS3 or PSP...Fact

Lifendz3369d ago

they could retain the stealth gameplay mechanics by changing the type of villian. Snake attempted to "hide" from what were basically human soliders. Raiden can face mega mechs or some sort of elite class of soldier. That would make sense given how powerful he is. And the incentive to return to cover after triggering a boss can be that you lose that fluid he needs in battle and if you don't rest you'll eventually pass out.

Just some early ideas. Either way, I can't wait to see what Sony has in store for us at E3.

cayal3369d ago

"Isn't it quite a bit obvious seeing as how nobody really knows what happened to Raiden in MGS4?"

We know a little bit. Sunny was kidnapped, he goes to find her, he gets caught, becomes a head, becomes a ninja, rescues sunny.

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Lfmesquite3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Raiden was actually the coolest character in MGS4 in my opinion, with his cyborg suit, and I wish we would of known more about it, how did he get like that and all.

I can certainly see a game like that.

It might even be PS3 exclusive, if they go with the same engine, it would save them a lot of time and money, going with what they already have. So, if MGS5 is more of a spin off of MGS4, I can see it possibly being PS3 exclusive.

But other than that, I think the game would go multi.

BrunoM3370d ago

i agree with you ...

it mai be the story of him befor MGS4 the how wen and why he became like that ... sounds about right ...

now if its a ps3 only id say theres like 70 that yes it will and a 30% of going multi is all up to Kojima ...

cayal3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I would imagine it is a story before MGS4 since I am pretty certain Raiden would have retired after MGS4 considering the ending.

I just hope it's his story about how he became Raiden (which is glossed over on the MG Database).

I don't care if this is multi, I just hope it's true.

- Ghost of Sparta -3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

If you actually believe that Hideo Kojima's next game will be multi-platform EVEN AFTER he complained that dual-layered Blu-rays don't have enough storage for his ideas then you have issues dude. MGS4 was huge and he still wasn't satisfied with the outcome so what makes you think he's going to make a game that a DVD can hold? Puh-leez!

Bubble Buddy3370d ago

It doesn't matter if it's multi since MGS4 is just a "movie" right? Anyways hopefully we get more info soon.

Sarcasm3370d ago

"If you actually believe that Hideo Kojima's next game will be multi-platform EVEN AFTER he complained that dual-layered Blu-rays don't have enough storage for his ideas then you have issues dude. MGS4 was huge and he still wasn't satisfied with the outcome so what makes you think he's going to make a game that a DVD can hold?"

I agree that it may not be likely that he will want to go to a lower storage medium, but it can be done. It could even be 2-3 disc on 360 and 1 disc on PS3. It... can be done.

Don't ignore the fact that Kojima wants to become a global powerhouse, which happens to include USA. And the USA right now is head over heels for the Xbox 360.

So it's not that illogical to think this game could be multiplatform.

Of course it would be great if it was exclusive again, so KP will push the PS3 even further again. And seeing as how they already have a great engine up and running, it wouldn't have to take 3-4 years of development.

theEnemy3369d ago

It made stellar sales considering it's the 4th installment of a story-driven game.

So I don't see any reason why Kojima Productions will make MGS5 multi-platform and do all the trouble of making MGS5 "fit" on an old-gen format.

If this news is indeed true and currently in the making now, it'll probably be the story between MGS2 and MGS4.

Where Raiden becomes that badass-ninja-cyborg.

hermie3369d ago

I for one thought his androgynous looks (long nails, high heels, girly-man hair, etc) and simpering attitude put him way at the bottom. The kid frying the eggs was cooler than this clown. Snake of course reigns supreme.

JHUX3369d ago

the gecko fight/vamp fight made him cool.

cayal3369d ago

His 'Rosemary go f**k yourself' attitude also made him cool.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603370d ago

Exclusive or not, we know for sure its coming to the PS3. Can't say the same for the 360. LOL.

BrunoM3370d ago

Well your right about that one way or the other ps3 only people will play it ...

now are they going to try and goo all out on these MGS like they did with 4 making it only playable on the ps3 .. well only time and E3 will tell .. until then lol il look at these image lol hahaha

E3 come fast pleasee lol..

kingOVsticks3370d ago

As long as its coming out its all good and knowing Kojima as a perfectionist there is no way he's going to cut corners in his next project. Raiden would be an awesome main character I hope his melee combat will be as intense as the cut scenes. On the other hand I thought it would have been really cool to play as one the anti heroes like Ocelot or liquid.

Hiruma Youchi3370d ago

Raiden is my favorite character from the 2nd game on ps2.

oh and

you guys better bring some "They are Milking the series" comments on this thread. It wouldnt be right to bash halo and keep your mouth shut about MGS.

Microsoft Xbox 3603370d ago

Honestly, who the hell else said "they are milking the Halo series," besides NASIM?

Hiruma Youchi3370d ago

are u serious? a whole lot of people from the sony camp were saying that during the week HWars came out .

Microsoft Xbox 3603370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Nasim has more accounts than my post count. I wouldn't be surprised if you read that same comment from him twice with his other millionth of accounts.

PixlSheX3370d ago

Well.. halo is a pc/360 game. MGS is a ps/ps2/psp/xbox/ps3 game, and i'm sure i forgot some plats.

- Ghost of Sparta -3370d ago

Uh, Metal Gear has been around since the 80's. Halo hasn't.

Aclay3370d ago

"Well.. halo is a pc/360 game. MGS is a ps/ps2/psp/xbox/ps3 game, and i'm sure i forgot some plats."

Nah, I don't think MGS is a ps/ps2/psp/xbox/ps3 game.

Even though some Metal Gear Solid games have come out on multiple platforms (MGS1: PC, PS1/ MGS2: PS2/Xbox/PC/ MGS3: PS2 only/ MGS4: PS3 only), it's always been associated strongly with the Playstation franchise more than anything else.

Considering that no Metal Gear Solid game has appeared on any other platforms other than Playstation since MGS2, I think it's a strong possibility that the next Metal Gear can be Playstation exclusive too.

Dragun6193370d ago

Dude....There not even close to milking it, Compared to Mario,

Lets see, there's Mario party ,Mario Party 2 Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6, Mario party 7, Mario Party 8, Mario Tennis,Mario Power Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, Mario Superstar baseball, Mario Striker, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Kart......etc

I think i made my point

1 HiT KiLLZ3370d ago

Dude when MGS becomes a rts or a potential go kart game that will be the day when we can say "kojima is milking the franchise". Until then Halo will hold the milk crown.

cactuschef3369d ago

lol, the Sony camp. Anyways, I remember when many people were disappointing to be playing Raiden instead of Snake in MGS2. They were complaining cause he had long blonde hair, and couldn't compete with Snake. I liked Raiden personally. I don't think he will be the star of the next game. Hes a cyborg ninja now, MGS is about sneaking. Do you all remember how brutal Raiden was in MGS4? Stabbing walking robots, and jumping insanely high into the air. If he is the main character in MGS5 his power would have to be toned down, otherwise you would be jumping everywhere and decimating your foes.

JHUX3369d ago

Not to sound like a fanboy, but MGS series just blows Halo out of the water. And the story line has remained bad ass. And like someone has said, we havent seen MGS:WARS the official RTS. I wouldn't be surprised in the near future to see a "Halo:racing".

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Phantom_T3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

There not exactly just starting "milking the franchise".
I don't really think you can compare Halo and MGS in that department,Halo's main selling point was ALWAYS Master Chief.
Snake was a great character,but they always took the time to build heavily on the other character eg Ocelot Raiden.
Wouldn't really call it milking the franchise,just a slight step in a different direction.

Edit : Hiruma that IS milking.
Halo war's was basically sold only on the Halo name.
I very much doubt they would revamp the whole game just because Raiden may take over as the main character.

PotNoodle3370d ago

Metal gear has been around for around 22 years too :p