inFamous - Karma Moments Gameplay Trailer

GT: "See first-hand how moral choices affect your in-game karma."

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ThatCanadianGuy3129d ago

Is it just me or does Cole kind of sound like Snake from MGS??
He's got that same kind of 'gravely' (if that's even a word) tone of voice.

ascendantofrain3129d ago

I thought the exact same thing when I first watched it.

Ischan3129d ago

Sound like Robert Patrick doing voice over.
The voice character relatively similar with David Hayter.

WildArmed3129d ago

then it seems Snake is still PS3 exclusive lol

WildArmed3129d ago

It had this video in the article..
None the less, this game looks awesome..

red lighting or blue? You decide!
Imma go with red first, then blue (2nd playthrough!)

Ps_alm3k3129d ago


He back guys!!!

macalatus3129d ago

Wow...this game is going to be deeper than I thought it would be!!

I can't help but feel the Star Wars: KOTOR vibe in it!!