Nintendo briefly speaks about E3 2009, reps imply it will be big

Most gamers can probably agree upon the fact that E3 2008 was pretty much a big disappointment. Nintendo seems to have learned from their mistakes, however. In fact, Satoru Iwata said a few months back that this year's E3 will be a place where Nintendo will show off new software. Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Kaigler, briefly spoke about this year's E3 in an interview. Though she did not say too much, there is an interesting tidbit to take away.

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TOO PAWNED3552d ago

They said same thing last year.

Immortal Kaim3552d ago

That was hilarious but at the same time kind of sad because that WAS the actual entirety of their press conference...

xabmol3552d ago

BWAAAAAAAaaaahahahahahahahahAA AAAAAA aha oho aha ha hoooooo.....


swiftshot933552d ago

+ bubbles for being hilarious. LOL.

PS360PCROCKS3552d ago

and nintendo fans cry except for the ones who want amazing games

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

More broken promises... here they come!

Tempist3552d ago

Yeah when you're GDC in a nutshell is "WE MADE MONEY LAWL. Oh and no software. LOOK TO E3!" you're in bad, bad shape.

Remember the 'megaton' that was was actually a cherry bomb? Expect that x2 at E3, or rather I picture breaking a matchstick and it falling in a puddle.

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butterfinger3552d ago

I honestly hope that Nintendo's E3 is HUGE (I do own a Wii after all), but didn't they say there would be big announcements last year AND their GDC 09 keynote was hyped as well. I guess we'll have to see.

ChickeyCantor3552d ago

I dont remember Nintendo hyping GDC at all..
And they also said they will announce great stuff around E3.

So i guess the new mario/zelda/pikmin3 in the works was more of the news instead of the actuall show last year.

butterfinger3552d ago

clearly you are here to defend Nintendo/Mario, I get it. However, I never said they hyped anything at all. We were told last year that there would be big surprises at E3, and various sources were hyping Nintendo's keynote at GDC this year. If you're sore about the whole thing, I'll say you could argue that Nintendo was more exciting at GDC this year than the other two at least. I have nothing personal against Nintendo and I love my Wii, but I'm not going to defend every little move they make.

ChickeyCantor3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I couldnt even give much about the E3 last year.
But nintendo said they will announce things around that time not at E3. Spotted the difference?

On top of that where did they hype up GDC?
Evidence please?

Im not defending anything im just stating what is going on.
All i said was miyamoto comfirming a new mario/zelda and pikmin 3 could have been the big thing since it was announced "around" E3.

Trying to discuss things like this doesnt mean im defending anything, its you who just jump to conclusion.

butterfinger3552d ago

I'm not jumping to conclusions, I am simply reading your posts and every line of it supports Nintendo in every way. That's fine, though, I just wish you wouldn't pretend you were doing otherwise. As I stated BEFORE, I never said Nintendo was hyping their GDC keynote, I said "various sources" (see post directly above yours if you can't understand again). If you are so blind that you need evidence of this, then here is one for you: I guess I should apologize to you for not speaking favorably about your almighty Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

So asking for evidence is now fanboyism?
All i said was i dont remember them hyping it, thats it.
And you are making a big issue out of it as IF im trying to prove you wrong.

So i didn't read your comment right.

(also with "them" i'm referring to nintendo, not the media. like i said i took your comment wrong)

SinnedNogara3552d ago

A new Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid, Pikmin, and the return of Project H.A.M.M.E.R would be nice.

I don't expect a new Mario game at all. Since Mario came out two years ago, it wouldn't be ready.

I AM READY FOR ZELDA. TP came out in 2006. Now flip the 6 over and it is 2009. They got to have something in store for us at this point.

WiiMotion Plus!! for Zelda!!

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bob saget remix3552d ago

Like last year? Remember the host for Nintendos E3 08. That soccer mom lady. She just babbled on about nothing for like an hour or more. I remember her talking about here skiing trip to Whistler or something. Then she broke her leg or some crap. All I was thinking during the entire thing was, "what does this have to do with gaming?" I'm tired of all the gimmicks and sales charts. Lets see some games already!!!!! Wii fit is not a game either nor is Wii music. Time for a real game! A good tip for Nintendo this E3. Get rid of the Soccer mom, shes no gamer nor does she know anything about games. Heres a tip for all viewers this year for E3. Right when Nintendos E3 starts and you see that soccer mom walk on stage just change the channel.

Seferoth753552d ago

Why? So you can completely ignore its existence? The same way you are ignoring, MKWii,SSBB,SMG,SPM, Zelda, Metroid, Wario, Fire Emblem, Punch Out, Sin and Punishment,Battalion wars. and probably a few others I left off.Since you were saying that you wanted something beyond Wii Music and Wii fit and that is all Wii offers, I thought I'd give you a better list.

I'm sure though that even though you were just stating that you wanted something else, those games will some how fail to meet your standards. At least you are trolling in the proper zone. If only more people could follow that part of the example you set.

Alex_Mexico3552d ago

It better be big!
At this point it would actually be more difficult to actually bring a lamer E3 than last year's.

badz1493552d ago

Bring whatever you have to the table for your gamers but just leave another dissapointment behind! If you have nothing but dissapointment ala E3 2008, JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

p/s: I'm not even a Nintendo fan but I watch every keynote of last year's E3! watching Nintendo's somehow made me my face turned red in shame! just can't stand it!

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