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GDC 09: Hideo Kojima - Mission: The Next MGS Keynote

GT: "Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear, talks about the new design techniques he wants to use for the next Metal Gear." (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS2, PS3)

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richierich  +   2001d ago
I cant wait to see what Hideo Kojima has in store for E3 2009
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cayal  +   2001d ago
Oh yay more speculation on PS3 exclusive or multi-plat.

I can see the headlines now -

MGS5 PS3 exclusive?
Sony doomed, MGS5 multiplatform?
How much did Microsoft pay for MGS5?
holdmedownma2008  +   2001d ago
you are absolutely right and then you will hear all the Xbox owners (who bomb MGS 4) say MGS 5 is the greatest thing since slice bread. But I wouldn't be surprise if it does goes multi-platform nothing is exclusive nowadays.
Bnet343  +   2001d ago
Xbox owners never bombed on MGS4 if that what you are trying to say. If anything, they begged for it to come to Xbox 360.
cayal  +   2001d ago
"Xbox owners never bombed on MGS4 if that what you are trying to say. If anything, they begged for it to come to Xbox 360."

Very few PS3 owners call it over-rated and a 'movie'.
chrisnick  +   2001d ago
it will probably be exclusive to ps3
if the mgs4 maxed out the space on blu-ray, odds are mgs5 would be bigger so unless they compress the hell outta the game, it might be on 2 blu-ray discs. still though, ur talkin about 4-6 dvds to run this on 360....that's not goin to happen.
Shadow Man  +   2001d ago
we might still get a spin off it does have to be MGS4 or 5.
shadow-sentinel  +   2001d ago
Right... we're still waiting for that spin-off you stated. MGS4: SUBSTANCEZZZZZZ?

But MGS4 for 360... *sniff* :'(
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eagle21  +   2001d ago
360 games at GDC:
*crickets chirp* lol
Leio  +   2000d ago
LOL that cricket cracked me up ..bubble!
Straight Life  +   2001d ago
I thought Kojima didnt want to make MGS games anymore? He must of decided he just can't back away form MGS I guess :)
UltimateIdiot911  +   2001d ago
He doesn't want to be the one making the story and all but he does want to overlook it.
Straight Life  +   2001d ago
Hs is asking fo help in developing the next MGS game, thats more than just overlooking it.
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cayal  +   2001d ago
Kojima says that all the time. Didn't he say it after MGS2 and 3 as well?
Highatus  +   2001d ago
In other words he is changing the way he develops games.

His old way - Examining the limitations set by himself and setting rules for the work to be done.

To his new way - Working with the technology in conjunction with his old method to broaden his creation or eliminating rules that were previously set by himself eliminating the constraints that he felt in the past enabling him to create his ultimate stealth game.

This is obviously why he was touring other game studios to see their development plans and how they executed them. He's a genius.
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The Kingslayer  +   2001d ago
and the fact that we've just scratched the surface of both design methods, and he has the talent, drive, and resources to do it. Scary, and genius indeed.

Be a gamer...Not a hater
radzy  +   2001d ago
metal gear solid 5 - XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE
WOOHOO !!!!!!
Blasphemy  +   2001d ago
"Metal Gear Solid 4 will be my last Metal Gear game." I think he said this with 2 and 3. I think he just says this just to push game sells...
Mr Tretton  +   2001d ago
So he lied about it being his last, again.

I'm glad he lied. :)
Rhezin  +   2001d ago
maybe in another lifetime
nawww I still think it wouldn't happen.

onijutsu  +   2001d ago
kojima deserved that lifetime achievment award
but damn even now he is still on fire, he is so good its almost scary...
importfighter  +   2001d ago
cares whether its coming to the 360 or not! the Ps3 is still better and reliable
xabmol  +   2001d ago
Yup this vid confirms it.
MGS5 is set to have the best Hardware Tech and the best Software Tech.

MGS5 is already a PS3 Exclusive. I'm happy he wont be restricted by the limitations of the 360.
onijutsu  +   2001d ago
but kojima says he is kinda limited by 50gb as it is, maybe sony should see if a triple-layer works in a ps3, hell why not even quad-layer!
PirateThom  +   2001d ago
I'd say Kojima is probably waiting for either 100GB Blu-ray or the ability to use multi-disc (perhaps the PS3 lacks this).
sirbigam  +   2001d ago
This dude is badass he just pronounced mortal kombat in the gaming world to find the best of the best gaming hardware & software techs for MGS5, this is an unbelievably epic moment.
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bviperz  +   2000d ago
Don't sing it HK

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