OnLive -- Very disruptive internet technology to change things as we know it?

This is an interesting thread from NANOG. Nanog is the North American Network Operators who are basically all the guys who run the ISP's that make up the Internet.

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XxSolid SnakexX3526d ago

IMO I really think OnLive is going to be a great service for pc owners but it definitely won't take out the major 3 consoles it's just too late for that now especially how ps3 is looking so far with GOW 3 Uncharted 2 Ninja Gaiden sigma 2, and many more it will only work for pc gaming

socomnick3526d ago

well actually this would take out all gaming, it would be supported by all developers and publishers because it would eliminate piracy, its cheaper than burning millions of blurays and dvds, and they would no longer have to dev for gimped consoles, they can now develop for supercomputers if they wish. Its the future definetly but the best thing is no more getting up to switch games :)

MNicholas3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

it's a hell of a lot more expensive to deliver gaming this way than on discs.

- Printing a disc containing dozens of hours of HD single player, co-op and online multiplayer gameplay costs less than $1.

- Delivering streaming HD gaming costs no less than $1 per hour so providing the same amount of gameplay as the disk, for argument's sake we'll peg at 30 hours, would cost $30 dollars.

Unless consumers suddenly decide they want to start paying a hell of a lot more for their games and internet connections and developers decide they want to make games for the love of it rather than profits, an OnLive type service simply isn't going to happen.

If you can demonstrate that the economics of streaming game service make sense, please do so. N4G doesn't charge per post.

UnasFortuna3526d ago

This is no where near to a point where it will hamper the consoles yet. I personally like to own my discs and play them as much as I want without having to worry about if I am going to go over my ISP's caps. I think the biggest impedence to this service is that most ISP's here in the USA are not able to handle this with all the caps on usage. I wouldn't be surprised if they raised the fees for going over and throttling down your speeds even more. There are such monopolies here in the US when it comes to this. There just isn't enough competition to bring down the costs yet. Comcast/Qwest/Verizon, etc... love what they are charging and it isn't changing anytime soon without interventions. I know there are some overseas that have fairly large cap limits on downloads; however, that is not the majority here. People will be going over left and right and when they get hit with outrageous "overlimit" penalties.... all heck will break loose. Plus, there appears to be "Hosting" fees, subscription? fees,... give me a disc anytime. I like being able to throw in a disc and not have to worry about if the service is bogged down or if I am near my download limits.

UltimateIdiot9113526d ago

To be honest, I hope this doesn't take off.
I want to own my games, I want physical disc, I want to be able to sell and trade my game. I want to be able to play my games offline when I don't have an internet connection available.

kratos-i-am3526d ago

For onlive I presume you pay a subscription (to run the service) aswell as money down for individual titles right?

Your also hit with using the internet to stream EVERYTHING! I only have limited downloads of 9gb a month in Peak times and 21 gb Offpeak.

With that considered...

Why wouldn't you just buy a dedicated game machine or PC?

Another issue with this service is why hasn't MS, Sony or to a lesser extent Nintendo, or any of the telecom companies, or hardware graphic manufacturers partnered with this?

Takes alot of balls (far more than Kratos :) ) to run this on your own!

Demonsdown3526d ago

This is where gaming has been headed for the last 10-15 years now. It may not happen with consoles by the next gen but it wouldn't surprise me if its what we have after the next gen. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would just love to not have to sell their consoles at a loss to get their install base.

And if this works the way they say it will I would love to not have to dump a big wad of cash on a gaming pc every few years. Hell I am not going to buy the gaming rig I was going to get in the next few months until I do see how this works out I can wait another year first hardly playing any thing right now any way.

somekindofmike3525d ago

Out of all the download services this is the one which sounds most likely to take off, no longer are you required to download the entire program! just the audio & video and you aren't required to have a gaming PC! just your average PC or MAC will do.

This would definitely interest me (depending on price which I know nothing of yet) but it still wouldn't stop me from buying the games which I feel I have to own!

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