How to Make the Best Games Even Better

Everyone knows there's no such thing as a perfect video game. Many of the games GameDaily scored as a 10/10 still has one or two niggling features that keep them from achieving flawlessness. They picked out a handful of the best games from '08 and '09 and highlight -- like a hard-to-please parent -- how they could do better.

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xabmol3432d ago

Put it on the 360. Are they serious?

Best is already better.

Pebz3432d ago

Hmm yes, the "put it on 360" comment was quite silly when they had no reason not to say "360/PS3".

And being best does in no way hinder something from becoming better. Better than what it currently is, not better than other things, which it obviously already is.

callahan093432d ago

Seriously. What a stupid thing to say. Put it on 360 because that's where hardcore gamers play? Has better graphics? Has achievements?

Have they forgotten about the hardcore gamers on the PS3? That the PS3 also has better graphics than the Wii? That the PS3 has trophies?

GameDaily continues a long tradition of 360 favoritism.

xwabbit3432d ago

Maybe the guy likes more the 360 than PS3.... but a journalist shouldn't show that on their articles tho. All journalist always need to hide their feelings towards something or they'll just create flame bait articles.

Lariat3432d ago

Only perfect game ever is Zelda Ocarina of Time. End of story.

TheBand1t3432d ago

Only Tetris is perfect.


xabmol3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Was about to say the same thing.

Also, I was not talking about the article not mentioning the PS3. I was trying to point out that Madworld is a Wii exclusive and would not be "better" on any other system. Same goes for MGS4 & Gears.

Best is already Better. Think about it...

Killjoy30003432d ago

MGS4 is not the only game they want on 360, that's quite obvious now. Madworld should be multi-platform.

xabmol3431d ago

It can't be multiplat.

Most PS3 exclusives can't be multiplat.

Lots of DS games cannot go multiplat.

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sirbigam3432d ago

MGS4 would be better and pick up more sales if it included Trophies like Uncharted did.

Sangria3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Sorry but Half-Life 2 is clearly not a good example for the Metal Gear Solid 4 case. MGS4's cutscenes are maybe long, maybe sometimes too long, but they are ingenious and have a high cinematographic quality, and there is no other way to be so much awesome in terms of story-telling.

The only problem of Metal Gear Solid 4 is that the game had to answer all the questions asked in the previous episodes. It was greatly done but they had to erase the bosses' identity. They had no deep background, or at least no as much as previous MGS. They appear in a cutscene to kill random guys, to show they are the bosses but that's all.

They also cut the codec dialogs, making them minimalistic. But they still achieved the challenge brilliantly. MGS4 was expecting to be a love letter to fans, and as a fan, i say thank you so much.

Half-Life 2's story fits in a postage stamp, it's clearly not a reference in a matter of story or story-telling. See Max Payne, Legacy Of Kain, Deus Ex,... They all have great stories and they deal with dialogs and cutscenes. It's maybe passive, but the most effective to tell a story.

xxBATTLECATxx3431d ago

as usual, gamedaily sucks.
i opened it and was like awww F*** gamedaily.
anyway guaranteed way to make games better
Customizable controls, Trophies, and Boobies.