VM First Look Preview: R.U.S.E.

VM: "A humble truck tootles along a quiet country road in WW2-era Normandy. Our camera pulls back, ascending to the sky to reveal that the surrounding landscape is pock-marked with large craters. We pull back again, and from our new vantage point we see that a phalanx of tanks is approaching from the East. Pull back yet again and we catch sight of a squadron of bombers heading towards our truck, which is now barely a dot on the landscape. Pull back again, and again and again, and suddenly we can see what seems to be the entire province.

This is Ruse, a brand-new IP from Ubisoft and Eugen Systems (creators of the critically acclaimed strategy title Act of War: Direct Action) that promises to offer real-time strategy warfare on an epic scale."

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xg-ei8ht3401d ago

Dam!!. Colour me Impressed.

Was Awesome.

Best use of zoom and amount going on and it should work well with a gamepad. rofl. Uses 8 cores fully 100% on PC.

Should be sweetness on PS3. THose spu's should be put to work well!