Left 4 Dead retail sells 2.5 million copies

Valve's co-op zombie title Left 4 Dead has sold over 2.5 million copies since it's November release, Michael Booth--project lead for the title--revealed today.

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buckethead_9113551d ago

Congratulations Valve!! Now Please give us Episode 3!

Lariat3551d ago

Now this is what I call a killer-app. Not others that you know <Cough, cough>


solar3551d ago

/agreed. i want Ep.3 now. Valve will blow our minds and innovate the FPS genre once again....

Bnet3433551d ago

lol wow good job Valve and that's not including Steam sales either. Crazy numbers on 360 man, very crazy. No one saw this coming I bet. The most anyone would of said it a million and it stops there.

joydestroy3551d ago

wow, i had no idea it had sold that well. it is an awesome game though. zombies!

Ryudo3551d ago

Easily my favourite game this year. And its only going to get 10x better once they release the level designer. They should release this on the PS3 I know valve dislike the system but PS3 gamers deserve the play this.

Anon19743550d ago

I've never understood Valve's hate for one console or another, but then I never understood how they thought it was a good idea to sabotage Half Life 2 to run worse on Nvidia cards when they partnered with ATI. No one else seemed to have a problem getting their titles to run on both, so I don't buy that this wasn't intentional.

Anyway, I'd love to see this on the PS3. I won't pay for XBL anymore because it makes no sense to me and my PC's underpowered so if they want my buck, port it to the PS3.

kewlkat0073550d ago

A little ol multiplayer game that actually took home Awards, out of nowhere.

This game was not hyped and it came out amongst Beasts during the holidays but I did like the marketing though.

How did Valve do it?

Simple Keywords: Quality/Support, Shooter, Marketing, Xbox live Community.

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Elven63551d ago

Heh, I remember N4GRROD or what ever his username is was trying to convince people L4D was a failure and one of the leading causes of EA's losses last year.

Since these numbers don't include Steam, it must be well over 3 million.

cupogoodness3551d ago

Valve said a while back that the numbers for their February 50% off sale they offered on steam (a weekend sale that was extended into five days) beat the game's launch numbers.

caladbolg7773551d ago

I take it this is combined platforms?

trancefreak3551d ago

Great game I had a blast playing it much like all other valve/steam games.

iHEARTboobs3551d ago

caladbolg777: Yes, combined platform sales, minus Steam numbers.

Is there a demo for this?

solar3551d ago

i put the total sales close to 4-4.5 million with Steam sales. those of us who love Valve and Steam buy our games thru Steam.

Capt CHAOS3551d ago

Unless you don't have a PC that can run it. My son buys the valve stuff on Steam and I buy on the 360. All win win. Go on Valve!

TheIneffableBob3551d ago


There was a multiplayer demo, but it was more like a pre-release promotion. The demo only lasted around 2 weeks and was disabled when the game launched. However, you might still be able to find the game files somewhere online. You can play the demo if you just launch the .exe, but multiplayer won't work since there are no more demo servers.

solar3551d ago


my rig runs Crysis at Ultra High settings. :D but Valve knows how to target its audience. my guessimate is the DD thru Steam is at leat 2 million.

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panasonic233551d ago

l4d still selling strong talking about strong legs.

ShabzS3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

good for valve.. and yeah pls give us episode 3 already .

jessupj3551d ago

And release your games on ps3 as well. I know you're talented but please stop being immature arrogant fanboys and start making more money while building you're fanbase. I think in the immposible situation it does happen it'll be too little too late.