All HDMI Cables Are Created Equal ?

Well of course not. However in this article the age old debate is put to rest. A $100 dollar HDMI cable does not carry a better picture than the $10 generic version from ebay. The article is quoted saying:

" The reason is this: when dealing with DVI and HDMI connections and digital surround audio connections, you are working with a "digital" signal, as opposed to the "analog" signal carried by component video cables and standard audio cables.

When working with an analog signal, the single greatest factor in determining the quality of the signal that reaches your TV or speakers is called the "signal to noise ratio". This is a measurement of how strong the signal is relative to the background "static". This ratio is affected greatly by several factors, including cable materials and quality.

In the case of a digital signal, though, the game is different. Signal to noise ratio doesn't factor in anymore. The only thing being sent down the wire is a stream of ones and zeros. It doesn't matter if the ones are a little fuzzy, because they're still going to be read as ones regardless."

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GaMr-4264d ago

Only tech... I clicked the wrong box

grifter0244264d ago

Thats true... I was going to buy a 100 dollar HDMI cable but found out all HDMI cable's work the same.... I really dont like how Monster thinks it can sell HDMI cables or any other cable at such a high price.. I hate how they overinflate the price of a product because of a BRAND name... Monster I use to love their brand now I hate them.... As well as BOSE

specialguest4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

I've read plenty of tech forums and AV forums and through testing/comparing, they've all stated the same thing about expensive vs cheap HDMI cables. The result is that there were no noticible difference at all. I bought one of those cheap Ebay DVI-to-HDMI cable for about $10 a year ago and it works perfecly fine.

power of Green 4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

More expsensive cables are usally better sheilded thus less signal loss which in turn will produce a better picture as the cables ages and such; they are tuffer with a quality build so they last longer and do not break as easy on the ends as cheap ones do sometimes. I have ten dollar and one hunderd dollar HDMI cables, my Monster HDMI 400 Gas Injected cable sounds cool but it only has a better build mostly! lol you pay for ruggedness and the sheilding and flexability that allow the cable to never take shape and trash the cable. HDMI for $10's HDMI for $100, 1080p, 1080i what's the differnce who cares right?.

Shadow4263d ago

When you're $10 takes shape, etc. just go out and buy another $10 cable after a year, LOL. Its still not going to add-up to that $100 for a few years.

calderra4263d ago

Tougher build? Yes. But if you're harming your cables, you need to worry about why they're being harmed, not whether they'll endure.

Better signal? No. Again, even with interference factored in, HDMI features built-in error correction to deal with any minor interference. And if it's anything bigger than that, again, you need to worry about the source. Having a microwave on top of your HDMI cable isn't the HDMI cable's fault. Heh.

And to note: Most TVs also get virtually identical pictures when running on even mid-quality Component cables. There really is absolutely no need to worry about expensive connectors of any sort on most HDTVs.

willymcd4262d ago

thus you don't need all that shielding like analog cables do.

Dragonopolis4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

O.k. people. Lets get one thing straight. There is no such thing as a magical perfect no signal loss cable. If there were such a thing, cable and phone companies could run cable and phone lines for miles and miles with no data loss. Quality cable assures you of that. However, $99 is to steep for any cable. You can find companies (perhaps some of the no name ones as put in the article) that will produce a high quality cable using the same materials as the name brand cables.

Now, I'm not disagreeing with the article totally. However, degraded digital signal can result in a data loss which would result in poor picture quality (or none at all) signal. Typically when a cable does go bad in the digital world its all or nothing (compared to the analog world were you can watch a fuzzy picture). Where quality cable is needed the most is when a consumer needs to run more than 10 feet of cable or the cable is having to bend or twist its way out of some horribly designed Entertainment Center. Otherwise, the $10 cable is fine for the majority of customers.

That said here is just one link to a store that sells HDMI quality cables "with" a lifetime warranty for far less than Monster cable. It's not overkill, like Monster Cables, but is still really good quality cables. The biggest thing is here is a company that offers a "Lifetime Warranty" for far less than name brand. Actually offering cable sizes for less than $10 for sizes most consumers will use. Don't work for them just a happy customer.



Well what do you know, They actually advertise here at N4G. I stop reading Web advertisements - taught myself to tune them out a long time ago. If it wasn't for this article I wouldn't have notice the advertise on the page. Well not sure if N4G is advertising out of the kindness of their hearts ( sarcasm ) or if the advertisement helps in funding their website ( a greater possibility ) but go ahead and click through (Home Page - Right side) just in case to help support N4G and/or get good quality cables at great prices. :)

calderra4263d ago

,..sure... just "happened" to be an advertiser on this site... ;)
But lots of decent cables do have a lifetime warranty, and that's always a good idea, regardless. But if the $10 cable doesn't work out-of-the box, it probably won't wotk at all, and almost any store allows returns on cable.

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