PlayStation LifeStyle recent giveaway complaints

Recently "PlayStation LifeStyle" had a big, great giveaway for their new site launch. Everything you had to do was sign up to the site.

Now that the giveaway winners has been announced and everything seems like it should something is not right - It seems. Members are complaining that their EU Novastrike Voucher doesn't work and their complaints are deleted from the site.

Here's some comments that are still up:

- "Why did my comment get deleted? My EU Novastrike Voucher still doesn't work. Anybody?"

- "Hey ! My comment about my not working EU Novastrike Voucher has been deleted too ! And I get no answer for my eMails !"

The first comment is mine as I actually won a EU Novastrike Voucher on the site that I respect totally and I must say that I believe this must be a mistake somehow but the Voucher really isn't working. My first comment on their site about this where I praised the site for their great articles asking when the code would work got deleted too. Later I have sent an email that no one has answered yet.

Are they lying about their giveaway or is the codes simply just not working though they should? No matter what somehow it seems they don't have the time to tell their members.


Email from Sev (21 March):
"Hi, You were one of the lucky few who was chosen to receive a Novastrike voucher code in the PlayStation LifeStyle 'PSN Package' Giveaway. Here is your voucher code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" (Did not work)

My email (24 March):
"Hi thank you very much! Appreciated.
Unfortunately I can't get the code to work. It says: "The code you
entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid"
And it is this email. Can you please check to see if the code is
spelled correct?
Thank you very much for your time."

My second email (29 March):
"My code is still not working.
Can you please answer?"

Email from Sev (29 March):
"I am not on my computer, I am on my mobile. Did you get my original email telling you the voucher codes are not working for anyone and I am working with the developer who donated them to me?
If you did the update is the developer has not yet replied, and I am working on a resolution."

My email respond (31 March):
"Nice to hear, thanks a lot.
No I did not receive that email. I haven't received any.
But thanks for the update and hey I'm a big fan of your enthusiasm for the PS3. I'm sure you'll let us know when you hear something from them.
Have a nice day.

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callahan093374d ago

Who cares. This isn't news. This is only relevant for the winners of that competition. It costs them absolutely nothing to sign up for the site, it took them about 30 seconds of effort, and they were given prizes for free. Of those prizes, only one isn't working, and it's by far the worst game of the lot. PSLS is a fine website and I don't really care if their giveaways aren't being handled perfectly as long as they keep delivering the content I want to read.

InfectedDK3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

That is your opinion. It is 2 users plus you don't know if there are more that has got deleted. I totally respect them too. Best articles you can find. But atleast they could answers their members just saying hey it doesn't work so bad luck or something. I just miss some answer here. Also I think it's some kind of strange they actually delete the comments. But atleast I was happy for a few minutes when I saw I won the game. Lol.

Zeus Lee3374d ago

If true then that's really messed up

InfectedDK3373d ago

He isn't answering I guess...

InfectedDK3370d ago

Updated with email copy paste

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