Molyneux: New DLC Coming to Fable II Very Soon, Fable III Hints

Kotaku writes: "See the Future, the next downloadable content from Lionhead Studios for Fable II, will be hitting in weeks, Peter Molyneux told Kotaku today.

"The next DLC comes out in the spring," he said. "We're in the spring now so don't think months, think more like weeks. It's called See the Future".

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TheColbertinator3526d ago

I'm down for a Fable 3.I just want a longer 30-40 hour story now.

jay23526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Whens Peters Keynote?
I hope what they're announcing was the game that was in the works in 2007.
(yes, they had 2 games going, Fable 2, this one, and one called super dodle bug (an internal bit of fun), this was quite fun and bizarre).

Edit ah BEEEP might be shown at E3.

xwabbit3526d ago

Vedy nice, Gears, Fable & Resistance getting more DLC. Wish they did this with every game