Sony's Patrick Seybold Questions Microsoft's Numbers

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Last week, Gamasutra published parts of a conversation between their editorial staff, and Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg. Greenberg talked about Microsoft's latest NPD figures, as well as outright bashing Sony's business model, by saying it was "hemorrhaging at retail".

To this Patrick Seybold, Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for SCEA, responded via his twitter account"

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OGharryjoysticks3401d ago

So basically tell them to do their jobs instead of relaying what Microsoft wants them to say.

StalkingSilence3401d ago

Who do you mean is tellin who to do their jobs?
I don't get if Patrick Seybold is scolding Microsoft or just Gamasutra.

Beast_Master3401d ago

Greenburg needs to shut his mouth, and open it when he is running a successful business. I mean for a guy that will be unemployed next console iteration (because Microsoft will not be in it), he sure has a big mouth.

kevnb3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

lol at your comment... microsoft will be dropping out why?

Insomnia_843401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Would there be so much marketing, DLC content for the 360 without the $50 a year for Live and the over-priced add-ons??

What would it be of the 360 without this money?? would it still be here??

Anon19743401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I work in the securities industry and I know the talk around the financial tables is that Microsoft might considering bowing out of the console business to focus on software where they've always been stronger. After the billions lost on the Xbox, and the billions more spent so far on the 360 with no chance of recouping it doesn't sound like MS's board or shareholders has much stomach for another round of consoles. That could be behind the current fire sale on the 360. MS seems to be taking quite a hit to MS game division's slim profits to finance the price cut. Their strategy seems to have shifted to practically giving the consoles away and hoping they make it up in software sales and XBL fees.
Personally, I think MS has too much invested in the Xbox brand to bow out but you never know. Business is business.
Insomnia_84 brings up a good point. Even when you factor in how much it must cost to run XBL, it can't be nearly the $700 million they must be bringing in with fees. Take that revenue away and suddenly the MS games division isn't making a dime.

Spydiggity3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

all this back and forth between twitter.

i don't' think there is as big of a rivalry as we are meant to believe. look at how all these new "news" articles involve twitter. the same way they used to involve blogs, then later myspace, now twitter.

seems to me all these ppl are probably getting paid to keep this up just to make twitter more mainstream.

personally, i think ppl who use twitter are desperate attention seekers that have no real friends and need to convince their online friends that they are a lot more important than they actually are.

"goto my fanboy twitter page and watch me rant about nothing. and while you're here, feel free to sign up to twitter too. You can be as cool as me."

i don't give a rats ass what anyone from sony thinks about anyone from MS and vice versa. these ppl are all in it for one make money. the end.

SRU96003401d ago

"I work in the securities industry and I know the talk around the financial tables is that Microsoft might considering bowing out of the console business to focus on software where they've always been stronger."

Anon19743401d ago

Is it good? Is it a shot at brokers? A shot at analysts? A witty, tongue in cheek collection of Microsoft employees having a money fight? Philip Seymour Hoffman dressed as a scary clown?
...WhAT IS IT!?

SRU96003401d ago

It is a video of what most people do after reading your posts.

Anon19743401d ago

...then twirl their moustaches?

SRU96003401d ago

Only in your twisted version of reality, my friend. lol

Anon19743401d ago

...if you thought I didn't have a valid point or disagreed with something in my post (my opinion's at the end, the rest is just other people's opinions during some conference calls where MS's financials came up recently)...then shouldn't you explain why you disagree with my post or offer an alternative viewpoint instead of posting some sort of video jab?
Maybe that's just me. Personally, when I read an opinion of something I don't agree with, I'll explain why and state my reasons. I know that's not everyone's style.

SRU96003401d ago

I would have considered that, but your disturbing obsession with seeing Microsoft fail pretty much takes reasonable discussions off the table.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Anon19743401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Recently there have been a couple of articles regarding the future of the 360 and MS games division. I've been commenting on these because I feel the point is an interesting one and it's an issue that doesn't receive much serious discussion on the online forums. It's rare that you can have a serious discussion of ANY console's future without a certain element feeling threatened and ruining any type of a normal debate regarding the future of the gaming industry. I'm a 360 owner and fan and I have no wish to see Microsoft bow out after this gen, however I do see this as a possibility when looking at the issue from a business perspective, especially considering the current economic conditions that every industry is faced with.

That being said, if you have something to add to the conversation I would welcome an open and honest discussion regarding the future of the MS games division. Beast_Master raised a valid concern that MS and their shareholders might consider focusing their entertainment efforts elsewhere in the future, although it wasn't opined quite as I have done. I think gamers should be asking themselves these questions and opening themselves up to the reality that the current economic pressures might change the face of the industry as we know it. Consider how much the industry has changed even over the last 10 years, or the last 20. There is no guarantee that in 3-5 years time we will see a Wii2, Xbox 720 or PS4.

uxo223401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

One second, don't be so quick to jump onboard with seybold either. People (expecially slicksters like Seybold and Greenberg are paid to tell lies with numbers.

Greenberg said "We have over 130 titles rated over 80 on Metacritic; no other platform even has 100 at that level,"

Seybold said "30% of PS3 titles have over 80 Metacritic score vs. 20% on Xbox" Now, being that the 360 has more games than the PS3 both people could be right.

Seybold is trying to make greenberg appear to be wrong by misleading you through percentages when indeed both people could be right.

These types of tactics are designed to recruit people that don't use rational thought prior to jumping to conclusions.

@darkride.."I work in the securities industry and I know the talk around the financial tables is that Microsoft..."

I can assure you that the conversations that you are hearing at "work" aren't even close to what you want use to believe you are hearing. If you were important enough to be in meetings that truly carry that level of insight, (with the exception of a bunch of bozos chattering over a game of risk during lunch break.) you'd be too busy to spend 80% of your day spewing out negatives on N4G. I call Shenanagans!

Either way, I have to agree with SRU9600 in "your disturbing obsession with seeing Microsoft fail pretty much takes reasonable discussions off the table."

Anon19743401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

If you know anything about the industry you'd know that analysts, brokers, even financial planners can spend 1-2 hours every single day on various conference calls with portfolio advisors, mutual fund managers, stock analysts, economists, etc. I was just passing along some musings I started to hear crop up in calls last year that seem to be repeated now. Believe me, most of what I hear in regards to Microsoft is far more focused on their Windows platform than what their entertainment division is up to. I offered the fact that I work in the securities industry because I thought it was important to my point. Otherwise people would rightly question "Who's saying this and why are you somehow part of that?" I guess it doesn't really matter because it's more common on internet forums to attack the poster rather than address the things he's said. Every now and then an actual, well thought out exchange will spontaneously break out and those are the moments when I'm happy to participate in these forums. Kinda like when you find a random game of COD4 where people are working and communicating as a team. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it's totally worth it.

As for how I spend my time at work, that's my business, isn't it now? I'm a gamer and at any given moment in the day I've got 11-15 windows opened to various research reports, live market streams, internal systems and the like. One of those windows just happens to be N4G. I find that mini mental breaks during my day reading about one of my hobbies and commenting helps me diffuse a lot of the day to day stresses of my job.

If you think my posts are simply "negatives" you simply haven't been paying attention or choose to focus on those particular posts. As for Seybold's comments, he's correct. Maybe you should check what he says. As for Greenberg's comments about Sony "hemorrhaging at retail" that couldn't be further from the truth and that's also easily verifiable. I only see one liar there.
I do applaud your efforts in at least trying to stick to the issues brought up in the article or subsequently in the talkback, even if you fall into the latter category of what I mentioned above of people who'd rather attack the poster then put forth a view on what he's said or offer an opposing viewpoint.

commodore643401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Yeah Darkride,

Wow, you seem to talk a lot of codswallop.

It is interesting you say you work in the finance/securities industry, yet you exhibit a complete disregard for quantitative research.

How is it that commenting on n4g is a 'mental break' for you?
The fact that you have made nine (9) comments in this very thread would indicate that n4g is closer to an obsession for you.
Needless to say, if you were my employee I'd turf you out on your ass quick smart, for wasting my resources.

In any case, I have previously asked you to provide links for all your assertions, yet, curiously you fail to produce them! (then you display sheer deluded arrogance in asking others to the same) ... what's up with that, dude?

Perhaps, in the interest of making yourself look less like a fool, follow my suggestions:
1. Only keep 1-2 windows open at one time, it will help you make sensible decisions
2. When at work, do your work.
3. If you must comment on n4g, then do some research and post the evidence.

Otherwise, you risk looking a bit silly once again.


SprSynJn3401d ago

I find it amusing that after all the valid and mature responses dark has given you kids, the best you can do is come back with half-assed quips with the intention of sounding as intelligent but totally devoid of any real reason or point. Like the guy above me for example. Apparently when someone repeatedly comes on to back up his original claim, a 'metal break' is then transformed into an 'obsession'. With comments like that, I am not sure why he is even debating his point. It's not too far from having a debate with chimps if you ask me.

commodore643401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )


are you on drugs?

I asked for evidence from darkie, yet it is not forthcoming.
The only thing forthcoming is some juvenile damage control from you, which curiously shows up immediately after darkie has run out of bubbles!
lol! (hey MODS are you paying attention?)

Lesson 101 Quantitative research:
1. Research
2. Make a statement based on research
3. Back it up with evidence/research/links

Perhaps it is wrong to point out that darkie has made nine (9) posts without posting a single bit of evindence.
IS it wrong to point that out?... you tell me, bud.

hmmm.... I know that's a lot to take in all at once, so take your time and please post a sensible reply, ok?

SL1M DADDY3400d ago

Actually, I would rather hear the percentages since they are more representative of the time frames at which both consoles were launched. Since there is a year gap between the two, there is going to be a greater number of games out for the console with the head start. But if you look at the percentages, then you get a picture of what console has potential for more great games over the same time frame. If you take the console back to the same day, the PS3 has more good games on it for the time it has been on the market.

Take into consideration that an old game that scored a 9 out of 10 4 years ago is not necessarily going to be as good as a game that receives the same score in more recent years. As an example, one of the game that Xbox records is COD2. COD4 got the same if not better scores and I can tell you that nobody would play COD2 over COD4. It just shows that bragging about games that scored high 4 years ago is kind of moot.

Percentages show a glimpse into the future and a trend whereas straight numbers seem to be misleading.

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ultimolu3401d ago

...*drags out a bag of popcorn and sits down*

Yeah, this is gonna be something.

StalkingSilence3401d ago

New R&C announced, Guerilla mentions they'll start banning PSN IDs for glitchers on KZ2, LBP Cornish Yarg details coming out, all kinds of sh!t from GDC, etc.

I guess it's not interesting to some, but seems like at least a middle-of-the-road news day to me.

ShabzS3401d ago

well i'm a 360 owner ... apart from multi plat news from mordern warfare 2 and mass efect 2 and the alan wake teasing .. its pretty much a slow news day FOR ME...

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muddygamesite3401d ago

Ouch!!! that was a hot slap on the right cheek lol Gamasutra just got merked!!!

Why o why3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )


on topic. I dont think sony needs to respond to that green twit anyway. Im now understanding the link between dogs and their masters. Guys like that just fuel the nevrending flames and say JACK SH!T when proved wrong. What a douche.

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