GamingTrend Review: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

GamingTrend: "In the first F.E.A.R, you took the role of the Point Man as you chased down an army of clones and their leader who were all controlled by a child named Alma. Then throw in some human genetic modification, more clones, futuristic weapons, ghosts, psychic attacks and you pretty much have FEAR in a nutshell. Does this make your head spin yet? If it does, I recommend you attempt to find the little free booklet that Gamestop was giving out that covered all of the different sequels and prequels to the game. All you, as the player, need to know is that Alma is back, free, and pissed at what was done to her while in captivity. You take the role of Michael Becket (Delta Force Soldier), who is sent in before Alma was released, to capture Genevieve Aristide (one of the bigwigs in the corporation that created this mess), and you actually see the end of the original FEAR as Alma goes nuclear on the surrounding area. The actually story continues to be more grim as you see what experiments are performed on yourself and your friends as both your body and mind become overwhelmed."

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