Disgaea 3 is getting trophies

At the moment, the list is only avalaible in Japanese. 1 Platinum, 3 Golds, 5 Silvers and 42 Bronzes, nearly everyone of them attached to the Item World. No news about when is it coming in Japan, USA or EU.


Someone in Gamefaqs has done a quick translate to English.

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Gun_Senshi3133d ago

Though I bet its impossible to get Platinum of this game.

Da One3133d ago

I was built for this i say bring.

- Ghost of Sparta -3133d ago

F*CKING FINALLY! Valkyria next please!

The gaming GOD3133d ago

Because there is no way in hell I'm starting over after powering up so many characters and items.

Lifewish3133d ago

this will give me reason to replay and maybe purchase some of the DLC characters like Adell.

Araceae3133d ago

Awesome! Time to head back to the Netherworld.

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