What I Hate About Video Games

GrE writes, "Cinema, theater, music, and art proponents, in general, believe their medium is the absolute best. Let's get this out of the way as painlessly as possible: video games are a form of art. There is emotional expression, detachment from reality or momentary diversion, visual style, controls, score, etc. Many small parts combined to create a greater whole. Touching on set theory, we can say that if everything in the set shares a common characteristic, that is a characteristic of the set. Now we know video games are art. With all art there are devout supporters, extremists, or fanboys."

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killyourfm3550d ago

i am terribly afraid to read this...

CrAppleton3550d ago

Be afraid... be very afraid.. :-S

bgrundman3550d ago

That makes two of us. But it is like a car crash, you want to look away, but you just can't.

CrAppleton3550d ago

I never WANT to look away from a wreck.. I'm always breaking my neck trying to see it :D

Neco5123550d ago

you have an interesting sickness about you @crappleton

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bgrundman3550d ago

In all reality, who really ever likes fanboys?

Neco5123550d ago

The companies that they are fans of

supercharger51503550d ago

It's GREAT to look at the bad with the good.

reluctant_gamer3550d ago

There really was someone out there who felt the need to make baconnaise. And they're probably making oodles off of those overweight people. I loved reading... It made me laugh when I realized I know people fit some of his descriptions.

2FootYard3550d ago

I hate that video games are the catalyst for the apocalypse.

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