Killzone 2 Cheaters Could Lose Their PSN ID

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Cheating, lag switches and "glitching" have become commonplace in online gaming. A good developer who supports their games online community, will do their best to prevent these forms of cheating."

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MGOelite3547d ago

how do you test for a lag switch/peddle, how do you know its not someone with a sh!t internet

WildArmed3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

we'll just have to wait and see. If it is some1's internet, im sure they can appeal.
But i believe the person will get a warning first, then bann from game, then bann PSN ID?
Otherwise, it would be quite strict, and quite frankly it would suck for people with crappy internet (which is also me sometimes when im downloading and playing ps3)

lol from now on imma never d/l anythign wen i play k2.. somethings aint just worth it xD

Ghoul3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

you can pretty easily see a lag switch if someone has a lag in his connection and suddenly makes unnatural high amounts of points and or kills while hes lagging.

@skv you cant background download on games with online connection

StalkingSilence3547d ago

I didn't think you can background download while playing PS3 format games... only while browsing the internet, PS store, [email protected], etc.

FunAndGun3547d ago

I think you can background download while playing certain PS3 games, but not while playing that game online.

StalkingSilence3547d ago

interesting. i'm sure the info is out there, i just didn't know what all you can/can't do. like, can you play a blu-ray movie and download in the background? I don't think so since it's not hiding your online status, it's actually signing you off the PS network while you watch it.

Jellzy3547d ago

He never said anything about using his PS3 to download whilst playing. Most likely means he's downloading stuff on a PC, Laptop etc. when he's playing online with the PS3.

SiLeNt KNighT3547d ago

i think he means downloading things on his computer, like in utorrent, at the same time he's playing KZ. Any type of download running off your internet connection is going to take up precious online gaming bandwidth. When I play at my friends house and theres two ps3's running off his internet he usually turns off his computer completely so theres no downloads going on in the background or anything.

Man_of_the_year3547d ago

But but the PSN doesn't have lag it runs on dedicated servers....only xbox live does.

UnwanteDreamz3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I like how you can take something that has nothing at all to do with the 360 and twist if to fit the pretend war you and others are having.

When you grow up those little jabs will be less entertaining and more annoying. Oh and BTW a lagswitch is an intentional lag tool built by the cheater.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213547d ago

why does it matter if you are downloading in the background while playing a game? im pretty sure it stops downloading when you play online

f7897903547d ago

type in "netstat" when running it. Tons of connections.

Miraak82 3547d ago

I agree when I was playing R2 I was getting a whole $hitload of messages telling me that I'm cheating and using a lag switch and I was like No!!! wtf !!! just turned out I had a $hitty connection and didn't realize it. Also the thing in R2 you can't really tell from ur perspective if lagging and I think it was happening in KZ2 from me b4 I switched to a wired connection

Marceles3547d ago

Yeah you can background download while playing a game, it just downloads slower than if you weren't playing

SprSynJn3547d ago

From what I have noticed, a background download will only occur during a game not connected to the PSN. For example, when I am playing Fallout 3, a background download will occur. When I connect to Resistance 2 or Burnout Paradise, the download will then enter 'pending' status.

ThanatosDMC3547d ago

You can lag like crazy if you're uploading something... it drains all your internet connection. It takes forever to upload vids on Facebook.

WildArmed3546d ago

yeah, i meant utorrent.. not b/g downloading.
It bcoms a pain.

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rbluetank3547d ago

a person who cheats on one game is likely to cheat on all games! i do not know how they can tell who cheating but good luck to them! go gg!!

WildArmed3547d ago

true. Thats why i believe they'll bann the PSN id, so he/she cannot game on that ID ever again (or atleast till the bann expires)
It sounds interesting, i'd love more detail.
This is one of the reasons why i quit r2 and COD4.. K2 has an amazing kick function which I am not afraid to use on lame ass cheaters

StalkingSilence3547d ago

bye bye trophies.

honestly, this seems a bit harsh. i'm sure they do their research though. the key info from the tweet was that they have been lenient, and they are going to start cracking down.

UnwanteDreamz3547d ago

I don't think it is harsh at all. Its simple if someone does n0t want to be banned and lose their trophies then dont be a scum sucking, low life, punk *ss, cheater.

I grief report all the lagswitchers I see in KZ.

evrfighter3547d ago

lol this is good to know actually I have a few friends that would do this for good laughs. Wouldn't you know it, I'm actually heading over there this weekend. LoL I hope You don't run into us

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kvg883547d ago

Me and a buddy stat-padded once to get to General (I don't care, I admit it - I want to platinum this game lol), is that cheating? (ie, taking turns killing eachother for points).

SonySoldierEternaL3547d ago


very lame tactic

General Rank wasn't even that hard to acquire

himdeel3547d ago

...general is easy to obtain. You just have to play the game.

Ghoul3547d ago

well yes tahts some sort of glitching
as well as the bot stats padding when the game went online.
some of the higher rank players also betray the system, by buddy only matches kicking theyre stats into oblivion.

sorry but you also glitched in some form....

kvg883547d ago

but between juggling life (i.e job, school, girlfriend), simply havn't had the time to play it as much as I'd like. was trying to catch up lol

Muff1nB4k3r3547d ago

Well considering that there's a trophy for winning 50 online games, I got my general rank after that, as well as that valor citation whatchamacallit for top 7-10% of KZ2 players, just play online, otherwise skills will be lacking, but i think for certain badges/ribbons, you might need to gather around with friends, like the one where you need to have your tactical drone kill x amount of people in a game, I've never gotten it.

redsquad3547d ago

Well each to their own, but getting to General was pretty easy without having to 'stat pad', even for me (and like I keep saying, I tend to be rubbish online).

But, even though it was easy, I still felt a sense of achievement when that points bar went through each successive rank and I unlocked the different classes.

I did notice that when I bought the game and went online on the very first day, there were a LOT of people already at GENERAL. I know it came out early in some countries, but that seemed a tad suspect to me.

joydestroy3547d ago

i agree with one on one matches to obtain SOME medals. that's it. you shouldn't need to do it just to rank up. that's how you become skilled at it.

some of the medals are extremely tough to get. for instance, i have the aerial supportive, example soldier, and natural born killer medals and i've unlocked air support for tactician. the other night i finally got ONE revival specialist ribbon. it's really hard to unlock some of the stuff at times. it's because of all the chaos, which i actually like haha.

i think GG should have double point weekends like IW did for CoD:MW.

Ghoul3547d ago

well im only lacking some badges :) and didnt put THAT much time into it, stats padding isnt necessary

UnwanteDreamz3547d ago

I have less of a problem with boosters in 2 person lobbies then I do with a lame lagswitcher disapearing every 7 sec only to reapear next to me with that noobish shotty.

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redsquad3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Glitch killers are pigs, frankly. I saw one on the HELGHAN INDUSTRIES map yesterday (he was in a wall at the ISA base too, picking us off as we spawned!), and what's worse, they were boasting about it on their headset: I heard "See me in the wall" and "I can't die now".

Lag switch? Don't even know what that is to be honest. I know I have a lot of cases were I can empty a magazine into someone (I see the blood splatter) but they won't die. Then, they'll swing around and drop me with two shots (not even 'head' shots either). I presume it's regular internet problems and no 'malice' is involved, but it's frustrating that it never seems to happen the other way round!!!

Ban their ID's though? Seems a bit extreme to me, and they'd probably come straight back in with another one anyway.

WildArmed3547d ago

is basically a switch you place on ur internet connection to cut the connection off for a bit then turn it back on right after you empty ur gunn out on some1.
Basically, makes you invinsible for abit.. so if u shoot some and he kills you and he doesnt die or die after 4-6 secs after u die (and its ur kill) dat means lag switch, vote to kick that jerk

redsquad3547d ago

Ah, I get you now! I'm a bit out of touch being an old fogey!;)

That has happened a few times like I said, with people just vanishing for two or three seconds, avoiding my fire and then popping back into the game to kill me (or someone on my team close by).
Dirty buggers!!!

StalkingSilence3547d ago

But most glitchers are probably trophy whores. The risk of losing trophies makes a single PSN ID more valuable in my opinion.

Legion3547d ago

I was going to mention the fact that PSN IDs can be created simply enough. But yes the lose of your trophies would cause some people to care a bit more.

But it will not stop those who are just griefers... they will just be on using a back up PSN ID to cause havock.

And the title is a bit misleading... unless it is Sony doing the banning (which it might be?) then the ID looks like it will just be banned from KZ2? Wouldn't they still be able to play other games with that ID?

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