Portable Gamer iPhone Review: Turtle Soup

Portable Gamer writes: "I like to put on the facade of being a hardcore gamer. I play Call of Duty on my Xbox 360 with a regular group of people. I disdain the Wii even though I own one. I think Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero, sucker. So when I saw that Turtle Soup was up for review, I was like "No way d00ds. That's totally not hardcore." Then, after some clever persuasion, I exited the hospital and downloaded Turtle Soup. And I wish I had sooner. You see, Psychosis Studios have not done as well as they could have in promoting what the game really is - it's basically Chu Chu Rocket's puzzle mode for the iPhone, except instead of space mice trying to escape space cats in rockets, it's a turtle trying to escape a chef (and his chef clone army?) who has kidnapped him, knocked him out of his shell, and attempts to cook him for turtle soup, so you have to try to avoid the chef and get your shell back. Why exactly you are only given a limited selection of arrow panels with which to do this is not explained, but it makes more sense than space mice escaping space cats in rockets. The point that I'm trying to get to is that despite its cute exterior, this game is totally hardcore…and awesome."

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killyourfm3222d ago

Drawing any kind of parallel to Chu Chu Rocket is like opening my wallet and saying "here ya go, have it all!"

I'm afraid to read this

CrAppleton3222d ago

Agreed! I loved Chu Chu Rocket!

roblef3222d ago

Wow. Hardcore Puzzle Gamer. Didn't know that term existed!

roblef3222d ago

How rad is this game? Chu Chu Rocket, indeed!