AppSmile Review: Blackbeard's Assault

AppSmile writes: "Blackbeard's Assault is now part of the 5 Fingers Games Bundle. If the 5 Fingers Bundle was looking to include an engaging puzzle game, they found a winner with Blackbeard's Assault. The goal is to eliminate balls traveling along a slot before they reach the X. X marks the spot - the end of the path! Reduce the number of balls by shooting your cannonballs at the path trying to match colors as you go. When you match 3 or more balls of the same color, they will explode and move you farther away from the X. Blackbeard's Assault is the most polished game we've seen is this genre. It wowed AppSmile with its phenomenal soundtrack, graphics, and menu design. Then it backs it all up with a fun story about Blackbeard's history! So cool. We think you'll be satisfied with everything Blackbeard's Assault has to offer."

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