NWR: Pokémon Platinum Review

NWR writes: "Let's get one thing clear: I sank over 200 hours of my life into Pokémon Pearl. In my effort to collect them all by any means necessary, I forwent reasonable bedtimes, movies, TV shows, and succinct bathroom breaks. I accomplished my goal, though, in doing so, I became once more burned out on Pokémon. Two years passed and then Pokémon Platinum arrived. Platinum is the DS equivalent of a double-dip, and lines right up with Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald as the "definitive" version of each generation. For those of you who haven't played Pearl or Diamond before, Platinum is by all means the version to go with. While its bonus features aren't spectacular, it certainly offers more than its predecessors. However, for Pokémon fanatics like myself who have already blown entire weekends perfecting their craft on the DS, Platinum probably doesn't offer enough new material to warrant a comeback. I won't bore you with NWR's take on the core gameplay; instead, I'll talk about whether or not the double-dipping details are worthwhile."

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